Politicians are abusive to each other; Guyana is 10 years behind since last elections – PPP supporter

Dr Peter Ramsaroop


By Fareeza Haniff

Dr Peter Ramsaroop
Dr Peter Ramsaroop

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Avid supporter of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Peter Ramsaroop believes that there needs to be a “softer, gentler” approach to politics in Guyana.

During his appearance on the radio programme, ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday (January 11), the PPP supporter opined that politicians should focus on developing the country.

“I think we are too abusive to each other when it comes to difference in policies, difference in ideology…we need to get to a point where we can sit at the table, disagree, negotiate and move on, get on with the business of running our country,” Dr Ramsaroop said.

He believes that the population needs to be more involved with Guyana’s development. This view was supported by AFC Supporter, Ruel Johnson, who noted that the issues of corruption and economic inequality need to be addressed.

Social Commentator and award winning Guyanese Author, Ruel Johnson.
Social Commentator and award winning Guyanese Author, Ruel Johnson.

In response, Dr Ramsaroop pointed out that the Opposition has not been able to bring hard data to the table proving corruption. He criticized the Opposition for disapproving several projects, including the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

While he agrees that the Opposition may have genuine concerns, he believes that it should be worked out with the government first before rejecting any project.

Dr Ramsaroop expressed his displeasure with getting wet whenever it rains and he has to disembark or board a plane at CJIA. In this regard, Dr Ramsaroop also believes that Guyana is ten years behind due to the results of the 2011 general and regional elections.

“I believe Guyana is ten years behind because of the past three years. We can put blame on both ends. At the end of the day who suffers? It’s the people of our country.”

He said the APNU has not presented any alternative that can change Guyana.

“You have the ability in Parliament…if you want to show you have credibility, when the Minister of Finance comes to present his budget; where is your budget? Why not throw down 400 pages at the same time?”

However, in response, Johnson defended the Opposition and explained that all three political parties did put forward an economic plan in 2011.




  1. If you just like the opposition is sure about PPP pocketing the benefits then why Granger is not in support of the Integrity Commission. With the integrity Commission all the thieves would be caught but it is the opposition who are not willing to help catch them. It could be that they are bigger thieves than the government.

  2. All three parties did put forward economic plans but didn’t work towards them. The PPP provided during the last Budget debate evidence to show that the did took the oppositions economic plans into consideration. An example is the income tax threshold. However the opposition did not supported the PPP’s plan. An example is the Provision of cheaper cleaner energy.

  3. It’s about time the PPP stop the craziness. We need a new party to govern!!! The PPP continue to line their pockets and suppress other races. Bring Back British Rule!!!!! Guyana was much better, the people prosper in all aspects of life. Indians cannot rule as it is proven that only Indians are allowed to prosper and a few blacks are given positions as scapegoats to say there is no racism!!!! There need to be a multiethnic party that represents and allow every race in the country to grow !!! There is so much stagnation and suppression because of party alignment.

  4. He said the APNU has not presented any alternative that can change Guyana.
    dont ask crapnu for any alternative since there is none.
    u cant go the the same bankrupters of guyana expecting a different result.
    pnc is totally bankrupt of ideas..they are even fighting down their very own in linden..what u think pnc will do to those that does not vote pnc..the international community of peace loving nations must brand pnc a terror organ..

  5. No wonder Moses ego made him made a down right stupid comparison of the terrorist activity in Europe and the local AG…… Never believed one should get personal but like Freddie it is ok I guess for me to describe this as gross asininity, and to be more profound, Moses “haul yuh Ass”


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