Police to regularize several Georgetown bus parks


By Leroy Smith

Divisional Traffic Officer, Ramesh Ashram (right) and Inspector Cheryl Layne.
Divisional Traffic Officer, Ramesh Ashram (right) and Inspector Cheryl Layne.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Police in ‘A’ Division are in the process of regularizing several minibus parks as part of its efforts to bring the traffic lawlessness to an end or significantly reduce the practice.

Divisional Traffic Officer, Ramesh Ashram told iNews that the department was forced to place markings, cautioning motorists to desist from diagonal parking on Regent and Robb Streets.

The traffic department also intends to place boulders at the routes 41, 42, 45, 47 and 46 bus parks to bring some regularity to the manner in which those minibus operators seek to load passengers.

Special emphasis will be placed on the Mocha bus park area which is also used by Grove buses and shot drop cars. According to the senior police officer, boulders will also be placed in that area to separate the minibuses from the hire cars.

Meanwhile, Inspector Cheryl Layne pointed out that the police are also expected to have more of a presence in and around the Stabroek Market area, especially the bus parks given the fact that numerous complaints continue to be leveled against some operators and the manner in which they conduct their affairs.buses

According to Inspector Layne, there will be a zero tolerance approach adapted against motorists who believe that they can breach the road codes. She called on persons to report any motorists who overload buses, play loud music and carry out other acts which are considered a breach of their road service license.




  1. That would be hard to do as you might know by now Guyanese are known for there
    crooked nish it was built that way cant stop it What I would like to see is any police
    breaking the law should be kicked out of the force and that goes for if the ppp is in office again

  2. I hope they are able to monitor this. Guyana is a beautiful country, but it’s citizens need to be more civilized.

  3. I am a Guyanese native. This is a dream come through for me. I hoped every day that someone will stop the lawlessness at the car and bus parks. Thank you.


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