Police still to arrest key suspect in Belle West pensioner’s murder

Ursilla Padrat
Ursilla Padrat

Police detectives were today still probing the death of 68-year-old pensioner, Ursilla Padarta and are yet to find the perpetrator who killed the woman.

Padarta called “Data” of Lot 566 Belle West, Canal #2 Polder, WBD, was found dead last Wednesday morning sitting in a chair in her living room. Her body bore a stab wound to the neck and another to the head. The discovery was made by a carpenter who had gone to discuss the construction of a sceptic tank that the woman had planned on doing.

The Police had said the woman was killed between sometime after 19:45h Tuesday evening and 07:30h Wednesday morning. The murder weapon – an ice pick – was reportedly found in the house.

Investigators say that they are following all leads as the probe continues.



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