Police question Peter Ramsaroop about Charrandas Persaud’s departure from Guyana

Peter Ramsaroop
…says political harassment at play  

Advisor to the People’s Progressive Party, Peter Ramsaroop was today detained for more than eight hours by the Guyana Police Force in relation to its investigation into former parliamentarian, Charrandas Persaud.

Based on the type of questions he was being asked by investigators, Ramsaroop concluded that the activity was all “political”.

The political advisor said he visited Police Headquarters around 8:30hrs this morning in the presence of his attorneys: Mark Conway, Sanjeev Datadin and Sase Gunraj.

 Ramsaroop said he was asked about 10 “odd” questions, all of which he refused to answer.

“They started out with questions such as which political party I am affiliated with, what is my role in the political parties of Guyana. And then they went on to other questions in relation to the Canadians and then questions about me, personally,” he outlined.

“From the beginning of the first question, which was ‘which political party I am affiliated with’, I realised that this is political harassment…to get me in there to intimidate me,” Dr Ramsaroop noted.

After he refused to answer questions, the political adviser said he was left there for hours without being offered something to eat or drink.

Ramsaroop said he was subsequently advised by investigators that he is free to go, however, shortly after; they received instructions informing him to remain at the Police Headquarters.

On the historic evening on December 21, 2018, when Charrandas Persaud made a conscious decision and  voted in favour of a no-confidence motion against his own Government, the Member of Parliament left the country on a flight bound for Canada, where he is a citizen.

Since then, there have been allegations floating around that Charrandas was seen leaving the National Assembly escorted by PPP member Peter Ramsaroop.

However, Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo dismissed these claims as mischievous, saying that the businessman was free to befriend whomever he wants to, even if it’s persons from the opposite side of the House.

Meanwhile, Ramsaroop has also denied any wrongdoing, telling reporters that Persaud had requested his help – something which he would have done for any of his friends.

Ramsaroop’s help to Persaud has caused the Ogle Airport Inc to suspend protocol passes over an alleged security breach. This order came from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), although the Airport insisted it did not breach any protocols.

According to reports, a Canadian diplomat, along with Ramsaroop, had obtained protocol passes to see Persaud off at the Eugene F Correia Airport, hours after the December 21, 2018 sitting of the National Assembly.


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