Police march in hundreds for anniversary parade


By Leroy Smith

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Officers salute Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force on Saturday morning placed its best on display as they held their annual anniversary route march through the streets of Georgetown.

The parade saw Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and his divisional commanders taking the salute from the parading ranks headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken who was supported by Senior Superintendent of Police Whitney Bacchus.

The parade moved off from the Tactical Service Drill Square in the Police Headquarters Eve Leary and made its way through several city streets in Georgetown before heading to Brickdam.

The ranks marched to the sounds of the Guyana Police Force Band and those from the Police Steel Orchestra.

Units in the parade included Presidential Guards, Immigration, Criminal Investigation Department, Traffic, Scouts, Associations of Women Police, Police Welfare, Police Athletes, Community Policing Groups, Youth

A section of the female contingent of the GPF [iNews Photo]
A section of the female contingent of the GPF [iNews Photo]
Groups, Traffic, Special Constables and individual groups representing the various police divisions.

When the parade re-entered the Police Headquarters at Eve Leary, they were addressed by Commissioner Persaud.

The parade ranks were rewarded by units for exceptional performance with the overall best performance going to the Tactical Service Unit, a win that they have been copping over the years. The Presidential Guard mustered the second place for their performance along the route.



  1. I do respect your opinion but I stand by my comment, Glendon. You cannot use the National Service and the Militia as references to justify your reasoning of the police force being dominated by one section of the population. Both National Service and the People’s Militia were used by Burnham and the PNC to entrench themselves in power. To graduate from Cyril Potter College of Education, Lilian Dewar(sp) as well as the University of Guyana, it was compulsory for students of all these institutions to do a stint of National Service or else, no graduation. I have come across MANY who did their stint of National Service and can testify as to what took place in the camps. They are still around and can tell the horrible stories: sexual harassment, racial discrimination, bullyism and in many cases, physical assaults. Fear was used as a means of control.
    I am not privy to any statistics as to the number of Indo Guyanese or Amerindians who joined and later left. There had to be reasons for them leaving. The Police Force and the GDF are controlled fully by Afro Guyanese at the top, middle and bottom. There have always been accusations of lack of promotional opportunities for Indo Guyanese and this is a historical FACT. Just look at all the promotions year after year and you will find just a handful-TOKENISM- of Indo Guyanese and they are mostly just lower ranks moving up one position.
    The lawlessness you mentioned was over the years encouraged in many instances by some of the then opposition. Now in office, they are reaping what they have sown.

  2. Sly-I take objection to your lopsided comment. You must remember that when National Service and the Militia were created the PPP took a position that ensured that very very few Indians voluntarily joined these organisations. When the Government changed in 1992, there was a major thrust of Indians to join the Police Force.; It was the Indian Minister of Home Affairs( who was removed due tis incompetence but then made an Advisor to the President) who dissuaded most of them to leave except for the ones who stayed as Presidential Guards. This is historical fact and explains the present composition. What needs explanation is the drop out rates for Amerindians who joined the Force and a study can be done by UG to elicit a better understanding of this phenomenon. Take off your blinkers.
    The paradox of the present celebrations is that it is taking place at a time when the Police have little to celebrate about when you look at the lawlessness that prevails in Guyana. This celebration should have been tepid and sanitised by their public acknowledgement that today the streets are controlled by the bandits and their public declaration that they will take back those streets with a plethora of initiatives including inviting young Indians to join their ranks.

  3. Guyana is supposed to be the land of, how many races? This picture clearly shows the one sided make up of the security force (service?) and only those from ONE ethnic background reflected. All the talk about one section of the population was ”marginalised” by the previous administration was all trash. No wonder people from other ethnic backgrounds have no confidence in the police force as they cannot be certain of protection from bandits since within the force there are ”rogue cops”. One only has to remember the recent torching and looting of the homes of PPPC supporters at Sophia while the police stood and looked in silence.
    The security services of any country should reflect the make up of the population even if it means practising positive discrimination once applicants meet the requirements for joining the force.
    If this current administration wants to win the 2020 election, then now is the time to focus not only on equal opportunity but equality of opportunity for ALL Guyanese. Remember Mr Granger declared that he ”would be a good President”, that he would be the ”President for all”.The focus must not be political and ethnic cleansing of government institutions as is being currently done. Everyone is looking. That is not confidence building; it is fear of what the future holds.


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