Police hunting men who allegedly paid woman to use daughters as “sex slaves”


The police have intensified their efforts to arrest a number of men who allegedly had sex with the two teenage sisters at their East Coast Demerara (ECD) home after paying the mother a hefty sum.

This is according to Commander of C Division (East Coast Demerara), Calvin Brutus, who confirmed that the girls’ mother provided investigators with a list of names of men that she claimed paid her to have sex with her daughters.

However, while she did not supply the full or correct names of the individuals, she was able to provide “nicknames” or “call names” of the men, and that was enough for the police to begin their search.

In addition, the mother, who had been arrested, has been released on bail after the mandatory 72-hour holding period expired, the Commander noted.

However, according to the Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene, the two girls are receiving the therapy needed to commence healing from such a horrendous ordeal.

She told Inews on Thursday that the organisation is still conducting its independent investigation into the matter and is working hand in hand with the police to ensure that justice is served.

The teens escaped from home after they were notified that they were expected to perform sexual acts with two men who were also “spending the night”.

However, according to the police source, the most disturbing part of the appalling situation is that the girls’ mother would be present in the same room, looking on, as the men raped her daughters.

It was reported that the woman has been selling her daughters’ bodies to men for quite some time now.

Two Thursdays ago, the two teenagers, aged 13 and 14, reportedly ran to a nearby police station seeking assistance.

The CCPA Director had explained that when she was notified about the matter, she immediately arranged transportation for the sisters to be taken from the police station to a safe location.

She subsequently instructed that the mother be arrested and the teenagers be medically examined.

Nevertheless, the doctor on duty could not attend to the teens immediately due to their physical state of neglect. They were subsequently examined the following day.

Green had previously stated that the official reports by the children could not be taken at the police station when they rushed there for help because the first priority was getting the children into a safe place where they could be cared for and obtain medical treatment.