Police Force records 18% decrease in ‘serious crimes’

  • despite daily reports of armed robberies across Guyana

In spite of the escalating daily crime wave that seems to have spiralled out of control, the Guyana Police Force this afternoon made a somewhat shocking report that it “has recorded an 18% decrease in serious crimes” at the end of August this year, relative to the same period last year.

In a statement to the media, the Police Force also reported that “there was a 10% reduction in reports of murder; a 7% decrease in gun-related robberies; a 17% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used; a 9% decrease in robberies where no instruments were used; a 19% decrease in robberies with violence; a combined 40% decrease in break-and-enter and larceny, and burglary; a 20% decrease in rape; and a 38% decrease in larceny from the person.

crime-rateIt said too that “the relationship with the public and the police is seemingly improving day by day because of the numerous community related activities being conducted by its ranks, together with the regular Face-the- Community Meetings by Divisional Commanders and other Senior Officers”.

According to the GPF, exposure to training both locally and internationally, continues to be a top priority at all levels of the Force. “To date, eighty seven Officers and other ranks have benefitted from Overseas Training from India, China, USA, Russia, Argentina, Jamaica, etc. in (a) Financial Investigation, (b) Fingerprinting Identification, (c) Maritime Interdiction and Prosecution, (d) Countering Organised Crime, (e) Public Order Maintenance, (f) Cyber Training, (g) Footwear Impression and Identification, (h) Counteraction against Terrorism and Extremism, and (i) Surveillance and Counter Surveillance. Currently there are over two hundred and sixty ranks undergoing the Basic Recruit Training at the three Police Colleges.”

The COPs and Faith Community Network continues to assist significantly in invigilating and marking of the Learner Driver Theoretical Examinations. In terms of Juvenile Offenders, to date, the GPF said it has321 such cases country-wide, including 189 males and 132 females, who have been spared the ignominy of the Criminal Justice System, due to their intervention between the Complainants/Reporter, Victims and Police.

In respect of Traffic Management, the Guyana Police Force said it has yet again seen an unfortunate increase in road fatalities. “Eighty-seven fatalities have been recorded at the end of August this year, which are seven more than the same period last year. There was a reduction in serious and minor accidents but again an increase in damage accidents. Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and inattentiveness continue to be the main causes of fatal accidents.”

It said Traffic Enforcement is continuous country-wide, with special emphasis on driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, music/breach of condition of road service licence, overloaded minibuses and use of cellular phones. Also the lecture to schools programme, and visible patrols at school areas are ongoing.

The Guyana Police Force concluded its report by saying it has charged 48,585 persons with traffic offences so far this year. This includes 18,053 for speeding of which 7,133 have been fined; 1,168 for driving under the influence of alcohol of which 268 have been fined; 1,108 for unlicensed drivers of which 631 have been fined; 2,016 for overloaded minibus of which 872 have been fined and 476 for using cell phones whist driving, of which 268 have been fined. (Mark Ramotar)




  1. This is laughable…And the Guyanese people continue to suffer…Such nonsense about decrease in ‘serious crimes’ . There needs to be an overhaul of that department that complie these stats..

  2. Impossible,.Thieir useage of the statistics, imput ,must be flawed. Ask for the detailed summary from each division for current and previous months.This information is not classified

  3. According to these APNU fools to robb and kill is not considered a serious crime because of the ethnicity of the victims.

  4. What a bunch of a holes where did these fools get the stats from, the useless incompetent soja bai? Everyday someone is killed and robbed especially the indian business ppl.I guess they did not count the indians in when they did the stats because they do not care a fart about them.


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