Police destroy one-acre ganja field at Ekereku


The Guyana Police Force said ranks of its ‘F’ Division, whilst on roving patrol at Ekereku at about 10:00h yesterday  (Wednesday), stumbled upon a field of suspected marijuana plants.

The approximately one-acre plot had contained in excess of 1,000 ganja plants measuring 8 to 12 inches in height.

Police said the suspected marijuana was destroyed by the patrol and no arrest was made.

Meanwhile, also around 10:00hrs yesterday, police ranks in ‘F’ Division whilst on mobile patrol conducted a search on a man at Agatash, Bartica, during which an unlicensed .32 revolver was found.

He was charged and is expected to appear in court on Friday January 08, 2016.




  1. Why should the Guyana government APE everything the USA does? The government is still losing tax by the ”pushers” as the underground economy flourishes with the DRUGS trade. Why didn’t you ask if the POLICE kept any of these plants for themselves? There are so many rouge cops within the police force

  2. The government of Guyana is loosing vital tax revenue because of its its ridiculous laws. It should implement new laws that makes it legal for adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Some states in the USA have already legalized the use of marijuana, for example Washington state.


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