Police destroy more marijuana camps at Millie’s Hideout


A continuous “Drugs Eradication” exercise by Police ranks in E Division (Linden-Kwakwani), recently unearthed two additional marijuana camps at 10 Miles, Millie’s Hideout, Upper Demerara.

The ranks discovered two half-acre farms of marijuana which contained about 300 cannabis plants, measuring between 3 to 5 feet in height.

A quantity of dried cannabis found in another camp

The drugs were said to have an estimated weight of approximately 250 kilograms. Ranks also discovered two makeshift camps, one which contained a hammock, three mattresses with makeshift beds, a quantity of kitchen utensils and clothing.

The other camp reportedly contained dried cannabis which had an estimated weight of approximately 150 kilograms.

The plants and camps were destroyed by fire and the location marked for further investigation. No arrests have been made in relation to the discoveries.


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