EYEWITNESS: Full court press


…by PNC Govt

Back in the darkest days of WWII, Churchill rallied the besieged British people with some memorable speeches. In one of them he promised, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills.”

The PNC-led Government seems to be oblivious to the need to defend themselves on any democratic fronts, and have declared, “We shall fight in the courts – for 34 seat majority and we shall fight in the hinterland – to buy off the poorest Guyanese!”

In the first instance, they should know they’re fighting a losing battle since they’re being led by the ‘loosingest’ – Attorney General in the history of Guyana – Basil Williams. When that fella was awarded his SC, your Eyewitness heard half the living awardees had to be persuaded not to return their silk!! And on the buying off the poor the Indigenous peoples – does the PNC think they’re the new Columbus, who can buy off “the natives” with beads and trinkets?? How insulting!!
But they’re so tone deaf, they are still beating those dead horses mercilessly!!

After Basil Williams received a tongue-lashing from the High Court Judge for filing defective appeals on the NCM, on the day he rectified his exercise in futility, SARA finally filed six civil cases against some of the persons who’d bought house lots at Pradoville II! Imagine that!! This has to rival one of those old Hollywood flicks where the producers would boast “TEN YEARS IN THE MAKING!!” since SARA was upgraded from SARU over three years ago and just last week, your Eyewitness was wondering where all those BILLIONS in salaries were going with not a case filed!!

Now, dear reader, you might’ve just exclaimed, “But hasn’t SOCU been flogging that same dead horse for a year now?” But it’s not only that SOCU’s in some deep doo-doo right now with all the scandals roiling their personnel – foreign and domestic – the SARA cases are CIVIL while the SOCU ones are CRIMINAL.

Maybe because the burden of proof in civil cases are lesser than in criminal ones that they’ve gone this route? Your Eyewitness doubts this. The PNC just want to stain the PPP knowing that as far as the NCM’s concerned, they can run but they can’t hide!!
On buying off the Indigenous peoples with baubles, in their one attempt to provide something substantial, the MPI Patterson told the residents of Rupununi they’ll soon be getting a US$40 million new airport!!

It’s not that the man lied through his teeth, but that he obviously felt Indigenous peoples would fall for that obvious whopper!! Wankers!!


So desperate has been the PNC-led coalition to “fill with dew what rain didn’t full” for the bauxite workers in the RUSAL operations in Berbice, they actually called in the company’s management and demanded they immediately reinstate the 60 workers who’d been dismissed for walking off their jobs. The PNC was so cocky their bluster would succeed the Chronic actually blared in a headline “Sacked RUSAL workers to be reinstated”!!

Well, four days later, the Govt and the Chronic had to eat crow, with a new headline: “RUSAL disregards reinstatement appeal”. In fact, RUSAL now served the 60 workers with OFFICIAL dismissal notices – PLUS ANOTHER 90 WORKERS who’d listened to the Government’s siren calls!! Now, don’t get your Eyewitness wrong…he’s as nationalistic as another working stiff. It’s just that the Government is so anxious to woo voters, it refused to consider RUSAL’s contentions.

To, wit that the union’s “recognition” is legally defective and workers just can’t strike arbitrarily without notice!!
What’ll happen if RUSAL walks?

…on bauxite

And RUSAL may very well walk. After sinking US$250 million in their Dian Dian mine – with 3.1 million tonnes capacity!! – they started shipping bauxite from Guinea, which has the world’s largest Bauxite deposits!!
And those shipments were during the US blockade when we stopped shipments!!



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