Police destroy another marijuana field in Essequibo


Law enforcement authorities have found and destroyed another marijuana field on the Essequibo Coast.

marijuanaAccording to Police Public Relations Officer Ivelaw Whittaker, ranks received a tip-off on Wednesday and returned to the Onderneeming Backdam, Essequibo Coast. While there, they unearthed a field under cultivation with approximately 525 cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants. These plants had an average height of seven centimetres. The ranks destroyed the entire field. No arrests were made, Whittaker added in the statement.

On Saturday last, ranks were conducting a drug eradication operation in the Onderneeming Backdam, during which they found and destroyed a two-acre field with cannabis plants under cultivation.

The field contained some 4200 plants at an average height of 30 centimetres. An abandoned camp with 100 kilograms of dried marijuana was also found. Both the field and the camp were destroyed by the Police. There have been no arrests thus far.





  1. Considerting the fact that they broke the law and no arrest was made thus far but the weed field was burn. Im wondering what exactly are the police doing…


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