Police arrest prime suspect in Canje armed robberies

Kumarie Bhagwandin

As investigations continue into the armed robbery at Canje, Berbice, the Police were successful in apprehending the prime suspect who has since confessed to two other armed robberies in the area.

Upon his arrest, the suspect who is from East Canje has also provided information with regards to the members of a notorious gang that is targeting persons.

Kumarie Bhagwandin

<<<INews>>> was also told that the Police are also looking for another suspect who hails from the same area and who was recently charged for an armed robbery.

On Thursday last, 63-year-old Kumarie Bhagwandin was thrown off her roof and then dragged under house after gunmen invaded her property.

It was reported that four men, armed with guns and cutlasses, broke a window to the bottom flat of the woman’s home to gain access.

The man then threaten the woman who lives with her bedridden husband. In addition, it was reported that during the robbery, the woman’s 9-year-old granddaughter was staying with them but she was unharmed.

The bandits escaped with a sum of money, jewellery and a quantity of phone cards.




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