Police arrest “Otiesha” as probe into pedophilia accusations heightens

Otis 'Otiesha' Pearson

Police in ‘A’ Division today confirmed that they have arrested Otis “Otiesha” Pearson following accusations which were made against him in relation to pedophilia.

Crime Chief Paul Williams, speaking with Inews, during a brief interview earlier today said that the popular transgender personality was arrested yesterday and is still in police custody.

“We received the file from the Child Care and Protection Agency and we are now investigating the matter officially”, he said.

He could not say how soon charges would be instituted against “Otiesha” Pearson but said that a thorough probe is being undertaken. ‘

The Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA) back in February closed its investigation into the alleged misconduct by Otis “Otisha” Pearson, a popular member of the transgender community, and he is likely to be charged shortly.

According to CC&PA’s Director, Ann Green, the Agency has gathered statements from a number of persons, including the young man in the middle of the controversy, and as such, it is expected to move ahead with the case.

The public became enraged when Pearson was heard in an interview reporting that “he has a little boy for every day of the week”.

However, after he was bashed on social media, the transgender personality quickly defended himself, explaining that the term “little boys” was taken out of context.
He attempted to cover up his transgressions stating that the term is actually referring to persons above the legal age of consent and is also used when referring to his colleagues.

The statement quickly became a serious matter when a photo of Pearson and a young man was leaked on social media site Facebook. Many users of the site were of the opinion that the young man was underage; the age of consent in Guyana being 16. Investigations revealed that the boy was indeed below the age of 16 and was being bullied after the photos were leaked.






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