Police arrest armed man ‘scouting’ Herstelling area after residents raise alarm

Swift response by officers resulted in the arrest of the armed man suspected to be a bandit

…colleague who was with him escaped

Alert and decisive action on the part of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, residents led to the apprehension of a gunman on Saturday evening, after he was seen trolling the area, reportedly disguised in a Muslim outfit.

According to information reaching INews, the man – along with an accomplice – were observed wandering Second Street Herstelling, during the evening hours.

Swift response by officers resulted in the arrest of one of the armed men

As a result of their suspicious operations, concerned residents alerted the police, who responded promptly and confronted the men.

During the interception, one of the suspects managed to escape while the ranks were able to detain the other.

The arrested man was said to be clad in a thawb (Muslim male attire) and upon further inspection, he was found to be armed with a gun.

Reports are that the men were scouting the area in an attempt to stage a robbery on two shops located in the street.

As such, the Police were praised for their quick action which is believed to have prevented the reported impending attacks.

Meanwhile, the community of Herstelling continues to be plagued with a number of criminal activities, with armed attacks being on top of the list.

Just last month, gunmen mugged a young tailor at his residence in Third Street Herstelling after which they carted off with his Toyota Premio motorcar. This incident took place just one street away from where the men were intercepted.

A report was filed at the Providence Police Station but no arrest has been made to date.




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