Police apprehend second suspect in botched robbery


The second suspect in the botched robbery at Houston, Greater Georgetown- which resulted in the death of one man-was arrested by the Police and he is expected to be charged soon.

The man who escaped on Friday after his accomplice, Gary Koster was shot dead by the businessman whom they were trying to rob, is a known character to the police.

Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum confirmed that the suspect resides in Norton Street, Bagotstown and was released on court bail about three months ago on an armed robbery charge. Blanhum noted that he was positively identified as the second suspect.

Eyewitnesses had indicated that Koster was involved in many criminal activities in the area and was a known gun man.

Shot dead: Gary Koster

It was reported that Koster, 38, along with the man in custody, had trailed a 48-year-old businessman of Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara, on a black and grey CG motorcycle, CH 2167, and subsequently attacked him.

Sensing the worst, the businessman pulled out his licenced .32 Taurus revolver and discharged several rounds in the direction of the bandits.

One of the bullets struck Koster to his left-side temple and another to his neck, while his accomplice fled the scene on foot. Koster died on the spot. 



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