PNC/R remembers Burnham on 29th death anniversary

PNCR's Leader, David Granger about to lay a wreath in remembrance of LFS Burnham. [iNews' Photo[


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

PNCR's Leader, David Granger about to lay a wreath in remembrance of LFS Burnham. [iNews' Photo[
PNCR’s Leader, David Granger about to lay a wreath in remembrance of LFS Burnham. [iNews’ Photo[
[] – Members of the People’s National Congress Reform, led by David Granger this morning celebrated the 29th death anniversary of its founding leader and former President of Guyana, Linden Forbes Sampson [LFS] Burnham at the Mausoleum in the National Park with a wreath laying ceremony.

Granger reflected on the many challenges the late President inherited that caused conflict and destruction; however, this did not deter him from leading Guyana to independence18 years later.

“Fifty years ago in December 1964, Forbes Burnham inherited land that had been divided by Cheddi Jagan’s detestable hurricane of protests, a conflict that caused much hatred, death and destruction,” Granger told the gathering.

He noted that the PNCR has a duty to actualize the founding Leader’s vision for Guyana and continues on its quest to make this a reality.

“We are committed to making that motto a reality; we are committed to making Guyana one nation. Forbes Burham made a contract with this country 50 years ago, we the executives of that contract have an obligation to continue his work to make Guyana one nation,” the PNCR leader said.

LFS Burnham.
LFS Burnham.

Granger contended that Burnham started the process of national unification by “erasing the disparities, inequalities and by eliminating human vulnerabilities associated with demographic economic geographic and gender differences. These were the differences that divided this country into two, one privileged and one dispossessed.”

Instead, Burnham provided “easier access to essential public services especially education, full employment and social protection, he achieved these by providing free education as an entitled”, Granger emphasized.

He exclaimed that they remain proud of the struggles Burnham endured to make Guyana a united nation.

Burnham remained Prime Minister of Guyana from 1968 to 1980 and then as  President from 1980  until his death on August 6, 1985 after undergoing throat surgery in Georgetown Hospital.



  1. He was a great Leader, a man of the people for the people by the people. he did not allow race to alter the course of a beautiful land he was respected world wide and and worked hard for a strong people. 99% of the hard ship that befall us can at the hand of the USA, he did not bow down to their wants and grants but the opposition us this against him as if it was caused by his doing. Most of you are too young to know bt it was the PPP that caused 95% of the fires that sabotaged our rice and cane fields bomb a boat filled with black schoolchildren and called for “hap-pan jatt” Under LFSB every one had a fair chance to succeed and accomplish he had a few who went rouge in his party but it was always an uphill battle to stay the course. So for me he will always be The Great Leader long live the people republic of Guyana.

  2. nothing strange here…pnc always have high praise for draped linden blackie in guyana flad and give hm a hero pnc running out of money..the big criminal was rich bad with people tax dollars…linden blackie get snuffed out by security money start drying up ever since


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