PNC/R remains the vanguard Party – Sharma Solomon


By Tracey Khan Drakes

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.

[]– The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) remains the Party of choice for the people of Region Ten (10), so says Regional Chairman and PNC/R member Sharma Solomon.

“Region 10 is committed to have all outstanding issues over the last two years addressed by putting in place acceptable modalities. These include the electoral processes and other pressing internal matters that gave rise to the chaos, long before congress was convened,” Solomon told a news conference this afternoon.

He emphasized that the “PNC has not done anything to us” and his contention remains the disenfranchisement of his region’s delegates and not rigging of the elections.

He was at the time making reference to the walk out of himself and Region Ten PNC strongman Aubrey Norton along with scores of Region 10 residents from the Party’s 18th Biennial Congress yesterday (Sunday, July 27) at the Sophia headquarters.

“The developments that occurred at congress are now part of the past which we must now put into perspective, review and work diligently to prevent in the future,” he added.

 The task ahead is “moving forward, mending our rifts, correcting our weaknesses and building on our strengths to face the national challenges that go over and beyond the challenges we face internally” This is a challenge the region remains committed and will lead for the people of Guyana,” Solomon said.

Additionally, Solomon told reporters that the PNC/R remains the vanguard party where members are prepared to challenge their leaders and hold them accountable.

He said the challenge from his region will continue “where and when necessary to strengthen our party’s democracy not to destroy our party but to build its ability to deal with dissent, challenges and changes.”

The Region 10 Chairman emphasized that even though the party is shaken from this chaos it must grow.

Solomon also called for person who recklessly discharged a loaded firearm at congress place to be investigated and held culpable. Further the Region 10 Chairman has called on the Guyana Police force “to become immediately involved in investigating the discharge and display of this firearm in public with the intent to hurt, maim, discharge or threaten unarmed persons.”




  1. What have you critics done for the people lately ? Have you provided jobs for the young people graudating lately? What about your crime rates? there is much more going on within Guyana than the PNC Congress . So I say let the PNC fight among themselves it should’nt bother anyone who is not the party. I’m just saying

  2. The PNC is the vanguard Party? You must be joking! It was a case of bullets over ballots yesterday. And this is the Party that wants to rule Guyana. You cannot be serious!

  3. told ya in no time they will kiss n make up…its nothing one should be in shock..its how kit n kin works..


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