PNCR infighting: “Our Party comrades must be committed to respect each other” – Roysdale Forde

PNCR Executive, Roysdale Forde, S.C.

See below for a statement from PNCR Executive Member, Roysdale Forde, S.C., on the current infight among senior members of the party:

PNCR must lead the way for transparency and respectful democratic expressions for a better Guyana

As a member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) my attention is not lost on the rising public interest and discourse between party members, supporters and leaders at various levels. These all arise from the Party’s open and public democratic activities, the desire for customary transparencies, freedom of speech, the right to be heard, and to be involved in the election of party leaders.

Historically these are the tenets of the PNCR that set us apart from all other political parties. We must be proud of and never cease to value transparency in all that we do that helps the public to appreciate the standard set. We must work diligently to ensure our highly valued democratic expressions and exercises do not reduce us to rancour or divisions. Such must never be the cause for others to believe we are a disunited force.

Differences in opinions and choices between and among leaders and rank and file members are the foundations for healthy discourse, development, growth and necessary change. These are the values on which great democracies are built.

Whereas there is acknowledgment conflict is a normal part of every human engagement and given the historical diverse and tolerant nature of the party for dissent and alternative it is of concern to me what should be normal healthy discourse has degenerated to a level of which we must not sink. The party must not show intolerance to dissent but must nurture appropriate and elevated disagreement and discussions.

I have taken note, particularly of the position taken by Party Chairman, Mr. Shurwayne Holder against party member, Ms. Amna Ally, who has given more than five decades of unstinted service to all leaders.

My brotherly caution to him as Chairman of this great party is to exercise tolerance and greater temperance, particularly when differences arise between him and members of the Party family, particularly those who have given unstinted service and commitment to the Party. In such a high office where much is given much is expected. His is the duty to demonstrate and cultivate respect for those who would have served the Party from its years when it was seen as a towering force of political power to its current position as a government in waiting. Our Party comrades must be committed to respect each other.

We would all expect no less position taken by the Party Leader for he himself will expect nothing less from us. Mr. Aubrey Norton and those who have been around for long would have seen over time the exploitation of vulnerabilities, when we fail after such disruption to return to oneness. We must not choose intolerance and disruption over peaceful and democratic engagement and the rule of law. Be it at the level of the Party or of our national politics.

For years I have admired Cde. Ally’s hard work, dedication and commitment and that of other women, who are the vanguard of this Party.

The PNCR must rise for Guyana to rise. Let’s “Regroup! Refocus! Rebuild!” our beloved Party, our legacy left to us and this nation by our Founder Leader, Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. We have been told that Mr. Burnham encouraged healthy aggressive discussions but abhorred intolerance, disrespect and senseless disruption. These are values party stalwarts were nutured on and which we of this generation must inculcate as a standard of political excellence

Long Live the People’s National Congress Reform

Long Live the legacy of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham

Long Live transparency, freedom of expression and democracy upon which we are grounded.