PM receives Bar Association’s feedback on Code of Conduct

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo recieving the Guyana Bar Association's Report from its President Christopher Ram

The Guyana Bar Association (GBA) has presented its report to Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo offering comments and suggestions of the proposed code of conduct for Government officials and Members of Parliament (MPs).

The eight-page report was handed over yesterday at the Parliament buildings by the association’s president, Christopher Ram.

The GBA was one of the stakeholders given the Code of Conduct for Government officials and MPs, to offer comments and feedback. The Code of Conduct is part of a menu of measures for accountability and proper demeanor by MPs and government officials.
“The bar association congratulates government on this initiative (Code of Conduct) and stands ready to work with your office as it proceeds to finalise and implement the code,” Ram stated.

According to a report from the Government Information Agency, the GBA hopes that Guyana can be one of the first countries in the region with a proper code of conduct with strong legislative teeth.
Prime Minister Nagamootoo, in accepting the report, promised to go through it thoroughly with a view of offering his comments and suggestions to the association.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo recieving the Guyana Bar Association's Report from its President Christopher Ram
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo recieving the Guyana Bar Association’s Report from its President Christopher Ram

“We have put out a code of service to guide officials of the Government in the conduct of themselves in public life as distinct from their private engagements, and also we know that the Integrity Commission Act has a schedule which is called Code of Conduct for which, over many years, I am dismayed has in fact been honoured in the breach…no one has even been investigated for any violation of the code, declaration of their assets of those holding public offices, their spouses, their children of a certain age…” the Prime Minister explained.

The government has committed to being scrutinised by all, and be accountable to the people. It has also pledged to strive to live up to its promise of transparency and accountability in all of its endeavours.



  1. I don’t mean to sound negative, for its against my motto this year. But wha dis, a good friend of the government is asked to give them a code of conduct. And it’s only 8 pages. A wha dis world come to. God whe u deh.


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