PM extends olive branch to PPP – ‘Come on board, let us talk’


Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamotoo has called for unity talks with the political Opposition, in an effort to achieve a more unified National Assembly. The Prime Minister, who is also leader of the House, is spearheading the unity talks initiative.
According to a GINA report, the administration believes Parliament should be one where there is less confrontation, less arguments, and less expression of animosities and hatred, hence this olive branch extension to the Opposition.
GINA noted that during a recent interview, the Prime Minister explained that it is envisaged that the Parliament, on both the Government and Opposition benches will work in harmony for the greater good of Guyana and its peoples in 2016. Therefore, he has reissued his call to the political Opposition.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

“Come on board, let us talk, let us make 2016 the year when we put aside our squabbles, when we stop cussing each other, and this bickering must stop. I want to say that I will not spare any effort in pursing this goal, whether they cuss me up today, and they reject me today, I believe that it is unsustainable to do so forever.”
The Prime Minister has advised that the wave of the future for Guyana is one of national unity and one where the nation embraces itself in oneness.
“For me there is no such thing as an Opposition in a House. We are all partners, and the old concept of our old majesty’s loyal Opposition does not work anymore. We are all nationalists, we are all driven by one agenda, the love of our country, the love of our people, the love of our environment to see that we have a productive and healthy environment, and that we could all be proud,” the Prime Minister said.
He stated that the olive branch which was extended to the PPP, a party which he was associated with for 50 years, is not an idle offer, and it should not be brushed aside.
“… if you take that path that Guyana’s future can be realised by confrontation, then you are inviting others who have their eyes on our country to exploit our division, and it has always been said that division in the face of an enemy is always a poor strategy. It is not even a strategy, it is a blunder, a mistake of monumental proportion,” he stated.
The concept of being an opposition for the sake of opposing should not be applicable as all members of Parliament are seen as patriots, fighting for Guyana and putting forward the best image of the country, he stated.
Nagamootoo also called on Guyanese to recognise that in harmony and unity, national development can be achieved at a faster rate, and urged that they make a solemn under taking to put their country’s image fir




  1. They are all running mad, Are we hearing right, begging the East Indians for help to repair their already fractured unity party. If Naga and the President are really serious of unity talks, they should tell their so call big wigs in public offices to start behaving professional. They should take a walk down City Hall, their Annex of Congress Place.

  2. FYI. The PPP has never lost an election Mr. Mckenzie and the pnc has never won one either. Your CRAPNU AFC government rigged an election with the help of the ABC countries. Tell
    Me when in the history has your PNC ever fairly won an election in Guyana?? NEVER!!

  3. The APNU morons put the fool up to beg for help ( the APNU stooge that will do anything for personal gains a man with out any morals) his days are numbered with the PNC—the writing is all over the wall in large letters) they are now in the drivers’ seat and do not know what to do next, they are begging,these are the fools that wanted to put all opposition members in prison for corruption -they have no proof now they are asking for help —

  4. The defacto Prime Minister, is making his “unity” call at a time when witch hunting and surveillance of PPP members and supporters are being stepped up by his coalition government. How can this joker be serious??? The so called PM, still caught up in the glory of such “office”, seems not to notice that his coalition government is fast turning into a military dictatorship. All the signs are there: re-establishment of the Guyana People’s Militia (GPM), secretive governance, political interference into the Guyana Police Force and Granger’s direct control/direction of the GDF, etc etc. After seven months, what has this PM done/started, to better the lives of the Guyanese people? ? Whatever happened to the Procurement Commission?? I call on the PPP to DISMISS Nagamootoo’s fake unity call. He is just trying to divert attention away from the military maneuvers his government is imposing on the people of Guyana. It is back to the days of Burnham, this time with support from an opportunist who calls himself Prime Minister.

  5. I am wondering which of his bosses at the Ministry of the Presidency is this joker and rubber stamp claiming to extend the olive branch .For the sake of credubility , this rubber stamp , Nagsamootonmm should first demand his cut of the cake for working at the behest of the PNC and be allowed him to chair Cabinet meetings,So far He has limited portfolio responsibilities , same as those which was administered by Kwame McCoy under the PPP/C administration.His main task is to cut ribbons and kiss babies on behalf of of his bosses at the Ministry of the Presidency. Such a sorry end for this joker’s lust for politiical power.

  6. I am a ordinary PPP supporter, if the PPP accepts this idiot’s invitation, I will support the APNU immediately!!! This defacto smells defeat already at 2020 election. Pure incompetence managing the country.

  7. The mystery surrounding the death of the GDF officer and his wife just recently, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the populace. That this coalition defacto governemnt has moved with immediate effect to stop the COI into the death of Dr. Walter Rodney also proves that they are reluctant to have any further evidence show up which points all fingers at the PNC, APNU, PNCR party’s definite involvement into the death of one of Guyana’s greatest minds. However as faith would allow, the COI did bring to light the depths that the PNC went in their efforts to remain in power and the use of the armed forces to ensure that their efforts were successful. Mr. Nagamootoo is extending as he put it “an olive branch” to the PPP. What he fails to understand is that an olive branch can only be extended by and from one that is pure. That Mr. Nagamootoo can have the gumption to believe that his party is pure leaves much to be desired. This coalition government never won the elections of 2015 and they were all guilty of closing the doors on a democratic process of elections. He should be ashamed at himself at this recent attempt of a solidarity and unified government when their process of getting there is highly doubtful. How can we as Guyanese allow this governemnt to continue with the practices of the use of the armed forces to govern us, how can we accept the lies and deceptive measures they are employing to fool us and be happy. No olive branch CAN be extended by a defacto administration and will not be entertained.

  8. Is this a public relations stunt this Namakharam trying? Throughout the years since the return of democratic elections in 1992 when the country was pulled out from the dark days of PNC dictatorship, the PNC subsequently PNCR tried its damned best to make the country ungovernable. They promised slow fiah mo fiah but with dedication and perseverance, Guyana was back on the road to development as a democratic country described as the “bright star of the Caribbean”. Moses and Ramjhaat in association with PNC later APNU blocked every developmental project by the PPPC administration under Donald Ramoutar using their one seat majority with such arrogance by butchering budgetary allocations for every project. This was despite the ruling by the chief justice, Ian Chang, that their action was unconstitutional. Now that they are in the hot seat of power, he is calling for the opposition to work with them. Good call but from the worst person the Granger administration has chosen. He has no credibility. The PPPC would definitely ingore his decietful courtship as a PR stunt. The PPPC made similar call after the 2011 election but both the PNC and AFC totally ignored that and went on a war path of butchery with their declared intention to bring down the Ramoutar administration. With the help of the ABC, Surujbully and GECOM, they succeeded. Unity call is desirable but not from that NAMAKHARAM.

  9. It’s amazing how this idiot is attempting to sugarcoat this approach. This is no extension of “the olive branch”, Nagamootoo is well aware that the PPP/C is a force to be reckoned with. While in Oppossition he Nagamootoo and Granger were opposing for the sake of opposing. Now they are signing and dancing to a different tune. Go figure……

  10. It is most unfortunate and STUPID,when a party believes it can win elections all the time.IT IS TIME these jokers WAKE UP from their SLUMBER and face REALITY.DIVISION will NEVER SUCCEED AGAIN,neither IMMATURITY.

  11. Who in Guyana does not know that Naginmoottoo cannot be trusted?
    Even Ramayah knows that he can no longer trust Naga, that’s why the two of them was fighting like little boys at the funeral place in Whim last month.
    Shame on the AFC!!!!

  12. PM extends olive branch to PPP – ‘Come on board, let us talk’
    Well anyone ever heard of such shit like you reading in Guyana news?
    Is there disunity between the East Indians in Guyana for Nagamook to be talking unity talk with leader of PPP Jagdeo who is also East Indian?
    All Guyanese must remember the words of Jatahaan…Dead meat if we join PNC.
    This man Nagamook is a joker and must be the laughing stock to all East Indian Guyanese at home and overseas.
    What do these 2 East Indians will talk about ? Dhaal and Roti Pouri and Alloo Balls and that will bridge the gap Guyanese sees in Parliament?
    Nagamook ent know it as yet but this is his role PNC assigned him.
    Is there no Afro in PNC to have these kind of talks?
    You bet there is none this is why PNC setting up Nagamook..
    If PNC put an Afro there are some Afro Guyanese PNC hard core will call them uncle Tom and sell outs..Ya all get it now why PNC trying to Use Nakagoom?

    If I were PPP leader there would be no talks until and unless PNC pick an Afro.

  13. This is more idealistic than realistic. The gulf that developed after the split of the P.P.P. between L.F.S. Burnham and Dr. Cheddie Jagan, has since become a greater chasm, that nationalism, reason and good intentions will never fill until such time that old stalwarts of the P.P.P.relinquish their servitude to Apan Jat. and their insecurities shrouded in greed, immorality, and corruption.

  14. Well look who is talking. Can someone in the collation with some credibility extend the “olive branch”. Even Mr “No Apology” Harmon would have been to do it.


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