Pizza Hut officially opens ‘Express Location’ at Giftland Mall Complex

Marketing Director of Pizza Hut, Navin Singh

The American restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, earlier today, officially declared opened another branch, which the company has termed its Express Location, at the Giftland Mall Complex, East Coast Demerara.  

Marketing Director of Pizza Hut, Navin Singh
Marketing Director of Pizza Hut, Navin Singh

Director of Marketing (Guyana), Navin Singh,  told INews that this was the company’s third branch of the popular fast food entity, in this country.  

Singh related that the fast food giant decided to open its Express Location at the Giftland Mall due to the fact that the location is considered a central hub for persons from all walks of life.

He is optimistic that the new branch will be very successful since special emphasis is being placed on hygiene, high quality and standards and meeting customers’ needs. 

He added that there will be a reduction in waiting time for customers. 

Singh disclosed that with this new location, more than 30 jobs have been created.



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