“Petty differences”- rift grows in Rastafarian community over Theocracy Party

The leaders of Twelve Tribes of Israel, The House of Nyabinyhi and the House of Israel

By Tracey Khan-Drakes

The leaders of Twelve Tribes of Israel, The House of Nyabinyhi and the House of Israel
The leaders of Twelve Tribes of Israel, The House of Nyabinyhi and the House of Israel

[www.inewsguyana.com]– Sections of the local Rastafarian community have disassociated themselves with the newly formed political Party- Healing the Nation Theocracy Party (HTNTP) – raising strong objections to Rastafarian presence in the political sphere.

The Party, which was formed by Leon Saul, and is now backing the APNU+AFC coalition, has made the claim that it is representing the Rastafarian community.

During a press conference on Thursday April 02 by the leaders of Twelve Tribes of Israel, The House of Nyabinyhi and the House of Israel, it was explained that they were never consulted on the principles on representing Rastafarians on the political front.

Saul however told Reporters that this is not the case, since the Heads of the three groups were consulted extensively in this regard.

“So for them to say that they have not been informed or invited to join us would be further from the truth…I think they have personal interest and personal grievances, or personality conflict so based on that they do not see the need to subvert petty differences for the stated objective of unity for victory.”

He added that the Party has gone beyond the “narrow confines of the Rastafarani community” and are looking at the interest of all Guyanese.

“We don’t have any problem with the Rastafarian community, we understand the territory we have come into, the political arena and we know that there will be people who will not stand firm with our vision.”

Meanwhile, the heads of the three organizations have also threatened to withhold support from political parties on May 11, if there is no discussion to the decriminalization of marijuana in Guyana.

As they continue to make their demands known, a marijuana decriminalization rally is being planned for April 26.



  1. all ah we mus vote for dis rasta party now..dem giving we one helicopter per family and one year supply of free ganja to all guyanese family . i man voting fuh meh spliff lol

  2. Well MR Nagamootoo keep holding Mr Granger hands.
    It may not be what it seems but anything is possible.
    I await to see who is out or who is in the closet.

  3. this party name should be “spliff” and dont join any other political party period…i tell ya…lots of guyanese and lots of people from all over the world will support you..vote for you..no one should be in jail or be jailed for having a spliff..the glutten n scraven governments in north america dont know how to tax it so they say its illegal..their so called bullshit war on drugs like their bullshit war on terrorists..over 30 thousand americans died by guns each year right in america …terrorists dont kill that amount of americans per year…only if they would leave the people alone and stop poking their nose in other countries business the world woul be a far better place for all..

  4. The Dreads are highly respected in Guyana by Guyanese. They should nit join anyone that got blood and tyranny on their hands
    Jah Bless

  5. one thing they have to love about PNC is that PNC is for same sex marriage…..
    case n point———Granger –Nagamoottoo marriage on Valentines Day….NO?


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