Persons with house lots urged to start construction

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott
Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott

[] – The APNU+AFC government is looking to wrap-up the development of recognised housing schemes and is therefore encouraging defaulters to start construction.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), the Administration is urging persons, with allocated lots in these areas, to be part of the construction, since this is essential to completing these housing areas.

In this regard, Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott has indicated that no longer will the Ministry give ears to those who cry that they have not taken up their lot, because these housing areas are without adequate infrastructure and supporting facilities and amenities.

“….people cannot just come to us, get a house lot and just stay back and say that they are waiting for everything to be 100 percent,” he said.

According to GINA, the Minister explained that persons need to understand that bringing about developments is a two-way street.

“We know that we have to give you services, and we do that, but we expect you (the persons that have received lots), to occupy, because your very occupancy encourages others to come,” he said.housing-development-610x300

He noted that there will also always be areas that need to be addressed to make people feel comfortable, “but you also need to understand that going into a new area is a pioneering spirit, when you go there, we expect you to come in and let us collectively work to enhance the place as quickly as possible.”

In wrapping up the infrastructure development in these areas, Minister Scott said that the housing engineers have been looking at the roads, water, the installation of infrastructure for electricity, and also at areas, where they can put in playfields.

“There are many young Clive Lloyds and Rohan Kanhais, awaiting just the opportunity…,” Minister Scott pointed out.



  1. People wont move into an area with no electricity and water. With crime out of control safety is also a major concern in unpopulated areas.

  2. It is very difficult to obtain a loan from the bank to build a house. Even when granted the loan and still have to pay rent and mortgage and maintain your family is still a struggle. I think that as young workers and citizens of Guyana with permanent jobs especially teachers should be given access to loans to build houses. So Mr. Minister please see how this problem can be addressed since our salary cannot do for building and maintaining our families too.

  3. What will happen to persons who applies for house lot,but because the prosedure is so slow,they have migrated for some reason when housing send out letters for them to make payment .

  4. Well said Mr. minister… Where are we going to get the money from to build, the economy in Guyana is going downwards daily, and no initiative is being done by your administration to inject any money into the economy , only cleaning the city and town ,and every day some one is being sent home if he/she deemed to be a member of the opposition, is this the way we must go….and develop the country


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