Persons found guilty of making prank calls to Covid-19 hotlines will be penalised

Regent Street amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana

The Ministry of Health has warned that persons found guilty of making prank calls to the Covid-19 hotlines will be penalised.

See full statement from the Ministry:

The Ministry of Health (MOH) through its Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) has registered a series of prank calls being made to the COVID-19 Hotline numbers. The Minister of Health is appealing to members of the public to STOP making prank calls to the COVID-19 hotlines.

Members of the public are reminded that Paragraph 16 of the COVID-19 Emergency Measures states that persons shall not call a COVID-19 hotline number without a justifiable reason. Persons found guilty of making prank calls to the COVID-19 hotlines WILL BE PENALISED.

The Minister of Health wishes to remind the general public of the importance of the COVID-19 hotlines to the nation’s efforts to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19. The COVID-19 hotlines are used to receive information that allows for the provision of healthcare services to persons possibly affected by the virus.

Prank calls disrupt the communication process between persons who are legitimately in need of vital service and our healthcare providers. Such an outcome has negative consequences for persons in need of care. Let us all work together to effectively stop the spread of COVID-19 in Guyana.

STOP abusing the hotline system and disrupting a lifesaving mechanism.