Pensioner dies 2 days after minibus collision



A security guard is now dead following an accident along the East Canje Public Road.
The pensioner took his last breath on Monday morning, two days after the accident on Saturday.

Dead is Winston Beaton.

The 67-year-old passed away on Monday at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Reports are that on Saturday afternoon, the security guard was riding his motorbike along the East Canje Public Road at Canefield when he was hit by a minibus. At the time, the minibus had turned out from a cross street and into the path of the motorcyclist resulting in a head-on collision.

Beaton was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital in an unconscious state and remained in the Intensive Care Unit.

According to the Police, minibus PVV 8266 was being driven by a resident of Number 2 Village, East Canje and was proceeding south on the eastern drive lane of Canefield Public Road. The driver alleged that he stopped in the centre of the road to turn west into a street when the rider of motorcycle CN 800 ran into the bus’s front right door.

As a result of the collision, both drivers were taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.
Beaton was admitted as a patient in the Intensive Care Unit while the driver of the minibus was treated for hypertension and admitted as a patient in the Accident and Emergency Unit.

Beaton’s eldest daughter, Malkia Vanbrook explained that medical staff at the hospital said arrangements had been put in place to have Beaton transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital. However, the woman said her father was never taken there.

Following the incident on Saturday, Vanbrook said she met with Police Officers at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

“All that I heard from the officer was that my father was wrong and that he rode into the back of the vehicle. I was a bit puzzled, because I know my father was not a hard rider; his motor is 110hp. How can he ride into a vehicle and cause so much damage? I asked him what he could tell us about the accident. I told him that I had a video that shown clearly that my father was hit from the front; the vehicle front is damaged. How can you say that my father rode into the back of the vehicle and the front is damaged? All he said was that ‘your father rode into the bus’.”

“I don’t want the lying; I just don’t want them to lie. We want them to come to us and talk to us and let us hear exactly what took place. That is all we want to know, because my father just lost his life,” she said.

Beaton worked with the Rose Hall Sugar Estate until retirement.