Pay-Raise Betrayal


By The Piper.

The Piper[]  – When the AFC was in opposition it often and, sometimes rightfully, charged the then sitting PPP government with not listening to the Guyanese people. Even stronger charges were made about corruption, wastage, abuse of taxpayers money, bad policies and so on. The charges were always made with moral fervor.

During the last election campaign the AFC made bold promises centered on cleaning up government, weeding out corruption, and governing solely in the interest of the Guyanese people. Recent APNU-AFC government policies have broken practically all of the promises. Good governance in Guyana today is on life-support.

The first and most egregious betrayal, and yes it is nothing but that, is the scandalous, step level pay raises for cabinet ministers, multiple vice-presidents, and of course the Prime Minister who is quickly becoming a multi-millionaire on the backs of Guyanese taxpayers. In what is nothing short of astounding shamelessness, the APNU-AFC government is defending its massive pay-raise rip-off as an anti-corruption strategy.

This column was never intended to single out any individuals for criticism but the situation now demands naming those responsible for the public assault on democratic governance. It is in this light that I call on Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo to immediately, and without reservation, decline his millions of dollars in salary increase and bonuses. Nagamootoo should also call on all the AFC members in the cabinet to do the same.

Fellow beneficiaries of the pay-raise bonanza, including Khemraj Ramjattan, Cathy Hughes, and Raphael G.C. Trotman (among others) should do the same. Not only are these people already well-off, but they are the very ones who once stood on the mountain-top and shouted to the world about government abuse. 

More than anything else, AFC supporters both in Guyana and overseas, should demand that the AFC leaders honour the promises made, especially when in exchange for good governance, they dug deep into their pockets to bankroll the party. . If Nagamootoo and company refuse to listen to their own supporters, the rank and file of the party should use every legal means to recall and replace them. They should not wait for the next election to take action. AFC supporters have a moral responsibility to the Guyanese people because they are the ones who put the AFC where it is today.  

The AFC broke one of its most sacred promises from day one when it went back on its word not to form a government with the PNC. The AFC supporters were asked to swallow that distasteful pill. Now they are asked to take an overdose. Everything in political life has limits and the pay-raise scandal is one such moment.  The AFC shall not see another dime from my circle.




  1. Salary increase for the ministers is good for the country because well paid ministers work hard to build the nation. They are the rulers and elected by people of Guyana and U.S. UK and Canada. Why not just let them enjoy the power and use taxpayers money to live a better life.
    There is no business,no development only work our honorable ministers do is talking to the media and trying to mislead the nation. Let the ministers be happy because common man has no expectations from this administration and at least we want to see the ministers happy!

  2. These people are arrogant, shameless and self-serving. If they are not held accountable now, it will get worst. What makes matter worst is that most of them are dunces. They can’t make a single sentence in proper English and grammar. Venezuela and other countries and laughing and mocking at Guyana.

  3. Nagamootoo couldn’t care less about the criticisms coming from the Piper or anyone else. All he is concerned with is the satisfaction he gets from having a bigger pension than Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, and that he is recognized as a President [ albeit Acting President ], even if it lasts for a short season.

  4. While serious consideration for the justification of high increases to the new Government Officers including the Hon PM, Ministers of Government et al has not been evaluated, it seems on the surface that this increase in salaries (and perks) at this time of a potential economic decline due to loss of rice market, and declining world prices for gold and sugar (with production costs more than double the Selling Prices) is untimely and not justified. Even if current employees of the previous government and former advisors are or were receiving higher salaries, it does not follow that the Govt should increase salaries now. The Govt is there too to avoid and reduce, if not eliminate corruption. Reducing and and eliminationg corruption is not a passport to high increases of salaries = at this time. What a comparison are the salaries and conditions of those under the Hoyte’s Admin! The period of ‘austerity’ during the ERP – not empty rice pot but Economic Recovery Program. it will be revealing to compare the salaries then and now.

  5. Piper! Piper! Even though I agree that the unprecedented pay increases are not warranted, I find you do protest too much, and your blog exposes your true colours.Your vain attempt to try and drive a wedge between the Coalition parties will fail.Your personal attack on the Prime Minister will fail, as will your pretense of being pro AFC.Your pipes play the sad refrain of your true masters, the PooPyParty. Feroze must be proud of you, but your indoctrintion finally surfaced, and you have joined the ranks of the brain dead. RIP PIPER.

  6. Well written article. I am hoping this message gets out to the masses as you have been duped buy this gang. The AFC has back peddled on their promises hence assisted in placing the PNC back into Office for the next 4.5 years.
    Fellow Guyanese don’t be misled by the AFC again. They are out to full their pockets while the average man suffers.

  7. Nagamootoo do you know who he really is? He just wanted to full his pockets.
    He is so rude and arrogant and can’t even say good morning to his neighbours. Politicians are all liars and make great promises and then they get into power they come with excuses.
    Regarding salary increases I can’t believe they have only now gone into power and claiming a big fat pay rise and off tax payers money.These are the very people who when in opposition claimed this and that about the PPP.
    There is going to be one big uprising in Guyana as Guyanese are not foolish they will not be exploited.


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