Pastor threatened with dismissal following Gay slurs



By Kurt Campbell

President of the GRPA, Pamela Nauth  and Reverend Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth
President of the GRPA, Pamela Nauth and Reverend Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth

[] – Pastor Ronald McGarrell is now vulnerable to being dismissed from the Board of Directors of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) following gay commentary over the weekend that did not find favour with the minority community.

McGarrell, during  the ‘Hard Talk’ radio programme on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday June 8, had expressed fear that the perversions of homosexuality can be so severe in invoking the wrath of God that it may be better if all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people go on an island and live by themselves.

This view was immediately rejected as outrageous and ridiculous by Co – Chair and Founder of the local gay rights movement – SASOD – Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Joel Simpson.

Today, calls emanated from the GRPA for the Pastor to tender his resignation.

When contacted by iNews, McGarrell claimed he had no information of that sort and refused to comment further on the issue. He was quoted in one section of the media as saying that it was a “light hearted joke”.

However, President of the Board Pamela Nauth said his comments are most disgusting as she expressed her disappointment in him.

Nauth, who has been President of the Board for the last six year, made it clear that McGarrell’s views do not reflect those of the GRPA.

She said the Body has always supported diverse sexuality and has been a partner with SASOD for several years.

She explained that when the Board meets in the near future, a course of action will be decided on.

“I’m disgusted, I’m shocked and disappointed… as they say don’t let one bad egg or apple spoil the rest.”

Pastor Ronald McGarrell
Pastor Ronald McGarrell

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the GRPA, Reverend Patricia Bisnauth said she was also shocked at the comments; while reminding that the Body supports the advancement of sexual and human rights 100 percent.

She said his public statements are now a threat to him remaining a leader in the Association.

Reverend Bisnauth, who is also a Pastor, described McGarrell’s religious arguments as flimsy and backward.

Pastor McGarrell maintained however that the act of homosexuality was far removed from God and while he does not support violence, he called for all LGBT’s to repent, reasoning that no one is born gay and it is a behaviour that can be changed.

“If you understand the eternal ramifications you would understand the need for change,” he said, adding that “We are all eternal beings and we will have to give account for what we do on earth, there is a special place reserved in hell for people who are far removed from God’s plan,” he had said.



  1. Everyone seems to be interpreting the pastors comments, so here goes. Homosexuality is a lesson in futility, they have consciously chosen not to live a life that includes procreation. So despite with their best efforts GRPA and the LGBT will never meet on common grounds – responsible parenting for individuals who don’t want to be parents? So why is Joel Simpson bothered? He is seeking a national forum to present his confusion of gender roles. We will see how quickly Mrs. Nauth and Bisnauth will change their minds when Mr. Simpsons group starts to indoctrinate their husbands, sons and people close to them. Maybe theology, psychology, technology and sociology may not be given enough room in the lives of Mr. Simpson’s group to change them, so, just maybe, they need an island for themselves to realize that it is only when they recruit that their bunch is able to grow. Their situation at best is parasitic to a healthy society. Wider society can do without them but they can’t do without the wider society. Hence their need to constantly display their presence. We should not mete violence to them, because what worse can you do to those who have done the worst to them selves. They are killing themselves off without a leaving a legacy. Point to note, if you don’t want public scrutiny then don’t make public presentations

  2. it is quite clear that you are shifting the goal post the bible clearly states that god almighty DESTROYED AN ENTIRE CITY AND THE COUPLE THAT LIED TO PETER AD THE OTHER DISCIPLES ,DIED INSTANTLY .check your bible before you speak,the bible clearly differentiates between homosexuality, adultery and liars

  3. it is quite clear that you are shifting the goal post the bible clearly sates that GOD Almighty DESTROYED AN ENTIRE CITY AND THE COUPLE WHO LIED TO PETER AND THE OTHER DISCIPLES DIED INSTANTLY check your bible before you speak the bible clearly differenti

    it is

  4. Re-read my comment carefully before you launch an unwarranted attack against me.

    In no way have I disputed what the Bible says about sexual immorality. In fact I agree totally with the Bible. But nowhere does it say that those who practice this lifestyle should be put on an island by themselves, or that homosexuality is an ‘airborne’ disease. The pastor’s words are inflammatory. And I do not agree with him. I repeat he is much safer ground if he say what the Bible says.

    Mind you the Bible does not differentiate between homosexuality, adultery, and liars. But people will condone adultery and lying.
    All are sins and all will reap the same judgment.

    But God has provided forgiveness for ALL SIN through the blood of Jesus, if they just turn to Him. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

  5. It is quite clear that you christianjrmyh is not a sound praticing christian read your bible and understand it properly read matt 9- 3: ,8 mark 10, 2 -9. God created male and female for a reason, creation involves design and design reveals intent.The goodly gentleman is saying exactly what the bible is saying,IT IS AN EVIL SCOURGE AND SHOULD BE BANISH FROM OUR SOCIETY.

  6. To say that “gays should be put on an island by themselves” and “homosexuality is catching” is offensive and represents the pastor’s opinion.

    If he wants to state his opposing beliefs about homosexuality, then as a man of God he should quote or say what the Bible says.

    What the Bible says is more far-reaching and very clear concerning sexual immorality and the judgement upon those who practice it…”They will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” This refers to eternal damnation, eternal separation from God. The pastor, or anyone called to speak for God is on safe ground if they simply say what God says.

    However, as Christians we have an obligation to love and pray for those who are trapped in that lifestyle, because Jesus died for them too.

  7. What ever happen to free speech? i guess in Guyana only the gays have rights while God fearing ppl should just sit and watch the madness.

  8. As a muslim i stand firmly with the views and expression of pastor Mcgarrell ,the president of grpa must allow persons to speak their minds with out being victim .His views are his constitutional rights and must be heard, any attempt to muzzle this pastor should be met with stiff opposition from those sound and firm christians, not like those weak ones like Sheerattan Bisnauth.this should be a national debate and should be preach against .straight men and women have fundemental rights that are enshrine in GOD laws that was sent down for man;s guidance need this life style should never be allowed to permeate our society. ALLAH is the greatest Jesus peace be upon him would have never allow this . .

  9. Its amazing how most of the god fearing ppl have become so accepting of homos… Wow.. Follow ur book.. Being gay is wrong.. I agree with the pastor.

  10. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” the Pastor’s comments were offensive, no doubt. But the response by the executives of the GRPA, being Pastors sets a terrible example of the love of Jesus. A reprimand, even a public apology would have sufficed.

    The GRPA should be as vociferous when the GPF assault and torture the young men in their custody.

    The Body of Christ do not throw their own under the bus. Calling for his termination without a proper hearing from him is inexcusable.

    And to describe a brother in Christ, as “one bad egg or apple spoil the bunch” is hypocritical, Each one of us were once bad apples, and Jesus died for us ALL. “Let us love one another as Christ loved us.”


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