Parliamentary Opposition votes down motion to postpone Nat’l Assembly


Prime Minister Samuel Hinds this afternoon moved a motion in the National Assembly seeking to have the sitting adjourn until August 7.

However, this motion was met with strong objection from the parliamentary opposition, who did not support the motion.

Prime Minister Hinds stated that the government side of the House is not prepared to debate the Local Government Bills which are up for discussion today.

Hinds stated that the government is hoping to consummate an agreement that was initially reached with the opposition in relation to the Bills.

Hinds explained to the House that the government has “constitutional issues” with two of the Bills, and as such, more discussions are needed.

In response, Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David Granger said that there is no agreement between the opposition and government.

“There is no agreement which is likely to be consummated within the 13 days as the Prime Minister says. There is no agreement on the table,” Mr. Granger said.

The Opposition Leader said that the opposition was not approached by the government.

However, government Parliamentarian, Gail Teixeira fully debunked the claims by the opposition leader. She told the House that on July 19, President Donald Ramotar telephoned Leader Granger and expressed the view that they should find a amicable solution to the Amaila Falls issue.

The House was slated to meet today, however, on Wednesday evening, a correspondence from the Prime Minister was issued, stating that government has decided to postponed the sitting of the National Assembly.

However, APNU member Basil Williams stated that the correspondence from the Prime Minister is a blatant and arrogant act on the part of the Prime Minister, since the government does not have the authority to postpone the sitting of the National Assembly.

Moses Nagamootoo also opposed the motion on behalf of the Alliance for Change (AFC).

The Local Government Minister is not present in today’s sitting to debate the Bills.



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