Parking meters to be removed from public schools


The Mayor & City Council (M&CC), Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) and Smart City Solutions (SCS) have come to an amicable solution regarding the parking meter system with a decision being made on Thursday to have the meters removed from public schools.

With that removal, a decision was also taken that there would be no more setting up of meters in front of public schools in the city.

The decisions were made during a meeting between the three bodies on Thursday.

Following, a joint press statement it was outlined that after giving due and special consideration to the critical and fundamental role that teachers play in the education and development of the nation’s children, vehicle parking spaces immediately in front of the public schools will not be regulated for the purpose of metered parking by Smart City Solutions.

Prior to that release, GTU President, Mark Lyte had made the announcement, praising both the M&CC and Smart City Solutions for easing the burden off of teachers.

The GTU had on Monday held a meeting with representatives from Smart City Solutions Incorporated (SCSI). The concern was over teachers being required to pay for parking in front of public schools.

GTU General Secretary had said that having a vehicle is not a luxury for some, but actually a necessity. Pointing to the fact that even teachers at the nursery school level drove, she stated that this was an unfair situation when teachers’ salaries have remained inadequate and the cost of living in Guyana was already high.




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