Parika man dies after being struck down by truck


A 43-year-old man of Parika Sailem, East Bank Essequibo is now dead after he was struck down and ran over by a motor lorry.

He has been identified as Sheik Bacchus, also known as Babbo.

The accident occurred on Wednesday at around 13:30hrs on the Parika Access Road.

The motor lorry GYY 7021, which is owned and being driven by a resident of Parika, was offloading sand on the southern side of the road.

At the time, the pedestrian was walking on the northern side of the road.

On completion of offloading, the driver drove off and while in the process of passing the pedestrian, the front left side of the truck collided with the man which caused him to fall on the northern parapet, and as a result, the left rear wheel of the lorry ran him over.

However, the driver was seemingly unaware of what had happened and continued driving away.

The driver was later told of the accident on his way out of the access road and returned to the scene.

The pedestrian was pick up in an unconscious state and taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he was seen by the doctor on duty who pronounced him dead.

The driver is currently in custody assisting with the investigation.