Parents turn over man who escaped custody after allegedly burning ex, her lover

Accused: Kyle Goddette

The 21-year-old labourer who was wanted by police in connection with the alleged attempt to burn his ex-girlfriend and her lover alive on Saturday last, in Charity, Essequibo Coast was on Monday afternoon turned over to police.

Accused: Kyle Goddette

According to Police “G” Division Commander, Khali Pareshram, the wanted man- Kyle Goddette- was brought in by his parents after police made contact with them.

INews had previously reported that as a result of the accused allegedly setting their mattress alight, Susanna Culpepper, 17, of Charity Extension Scheme, Essequibo Coast, received injuries to her face, both hands, stomach and feet while her boyfriend, Chavez Watson, 21, of Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast was burnt on his right side waist and chest.

This online publication understands that Culpepper was once in a relationship with Goddette but it quickly turned sour after the labourer became abusive.

As such, the 17-year-old left him and became involved with Watson.

Susanna Culpepper

Culpepper reportedly told police that on Friday evening, she visited Watson – a jet man- at his home and decided to spend the night.

At around midnight, the young lady recalled that the jet man had secured his home, and the duo retired to bed in the one flat wooden building, leaving the louver pane windows in the bedroom, open.

According to the teenager, she was awoken at 03:00hrs on Saturday by a burning sensation on her skin. Upon opening her eyes, the young lady recalled seeing a huge ball of fire on the bed she and Watson were sleeping on.

The duo immediately jumped off, and Watson reportedly indicated that upon opening the western window of the room, he observed Goddette at one of his bedroom windows. The labourer then allegedly ran away.

An inspection of the scene revealed that the bed was partly burnt and the room walls were significantly scorched

Wattson quickly raised an alarm in his neighbourhood and a bucket brigade was formed, extinguishing the fire.

The injured duo were escorted to the Suddie Hospital where they were treated and Culpepper was admitted to the burns unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital, in a critical state.

Her boyfriend was subsequently discharged.

This publication understands that Culpepper is recovering from her wounds.



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