Paramakatoi residents forced to fetch water; Gov’t, GWI urged to fix well immediately


PK students[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) has called on the Government to immediately fix the well at Paramakatoi, Potaro-Siparuni.

According to the AFC sometime early in the year, the well was damaged and residents have been forced to fetch water on a daily basis to do their household chores.

In the case of the School Dormitory, the children there are reportedly forced to trudge with five gallon bottles of water on their shoulders so that the kitchen can have water to use.

The Party added that what is totally unacceptable is that children also have to fetch water for the toilets and other uses.

“Close to two months ago, the Regional Chairman of Region #8 Mark Crawford raised the matter with the Guyana Water Incorporated but to date there has been no effort to fix the well” a statement noted, adding that “at a time when the Government is claiming that it is committed to Amerindian development, it is shameful that the village of Paramakatoi cannot have an operable well. If this is a demonstration of the Government’s level of commitment to the Amerindian people, it leaves much to be desired.”PK children fetching waterThe Alliance for Change recalled that it has often had cause to accuse the government of victimising the people of Region Eight for the way they voted at the last elections that gave the AFC the majority in the Region.

“This seems to be another such act. The PPPC Government must behave as government for all the people and not just their supporters.” 



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