Over half million touched down at CJIA in 2015


Commercial and Administrative Manager of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Corporation, Dursatty Doodnauth, has reported that 2015 was another successful year for the airport  as  504,717 passengers were shuttled through the port, representing a six per cent increase in comparison to 2014.

At the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s 2015 performance review and projection for 2016, the Commercial Manager said international passenger arrivals for 2015 stood at 250,241, which is also six percent higher than 2014.

“Imported cargo for the period under review amounted to 3,486,397 kg compared to 3,295,977 kg in 2014, a 6% increase for the corresponding period last year. The cargo comprised industrial supplies, personnel effects, hatching eggs and other consolidated cargo. Exports amounted to 2,693,908 kg, or a 6% decrease for that of the corresponding period in 2014. Among the cargo were agro industrial products and livestock, while 6% was industrial supplies,” she explained.

“There was 3,486,397 kg for incoming cargo, 71,676 kg were related to mail. Of the 2,693,908 kg of outgoing cargo, 24,948 related to mail.”

Doodnauth also reported that international aircraft landing was 3,725, which is one per cent higher than 2014. She explained that jet aircraft landings increased from 2,884 to 3,199, due mainly to the introduction of additional flights by COPA, Fly Jamaica, Insel Air and Dynamic Airways.

Meanwhile, Doodnauth disclosed that in 2015, a total of 191.6 kg of cocaine were intercepted at CJIA. This represented an increase in the amount of drugs detected for the corresponding period in 2014, which totalled 185 kg.

Overseas, a total of 86 kg of drugs originating from Guyana were detected. This can be compared to 126 kg for the corresponding period in 2014. These detections were made in various countries, but mainly in the United States.



  1. Over half million touched down at CJIA in 2015
    Next March many will come – come in their wheel chairs on crotches while some will beg some will take loans some will borry some will teef to attend PNC big jump of celebrating guyana 50th.
    ABC countries denied Jagan and PPP guyana independence so PNC teef that too.


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