Over 200 Guyanese to be employed under Natural Gas project – Patterson

Former Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

More than 200 Guyanese will be employed during the civil works and construction phase for natural gas and liquid petroleum plants. This was revealed by Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has reported.

“It could be more because we have to do work on the site; the foundation for the plant, fencing and GPL (Guyana Power and Light) would be running a new transmission line from the site to GPL to the new substation, so we will need persons for those works. Of course, ExxonMobil would have its own employees onboard as well”, Minister Patterson explained during an interview with DPI.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

When the plant becomes operational, the minister stated, 30 to 40 persons will be permanently employed as maintenance and operational crew.

The use of natural gas for GPL to generate electricity was deemed feasible and an East Coast Demerara village (to be named later) has been identified for the laying of a pipeline that will transfer the fuel to shore, DPI said.

The site is 475 acres, while the natural gas and liquid petroleum plants will be approximately 20-25 acres. Patterson, who is responsible for the energy sector said the remaining 450 acres have been dedicated for an industrial park aimed at incentifying the manufacturing sector with inexpensive electricity.

A US $70,000 desk study is being conducted by consultants, Energy Narrative, on the options, cost, economics, impact and key considerations of transporting and utilising offshore natural gas for electricity generation, according to DPI.

US oil giant ExxonMobil has confirmed that there is sufficient natural gas in the reserves to supply a 200-megawatt electricity plant. Natural gas, while not green, is cleaner than fossil fuel which is currently consumed for electricity generation.

The usage of the natural gas to generate electricity could result in lower costs for GPL and ultimately cheaper energy for consumers, DPI said.



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