Opposition wants national solid waste management plan, says ‘Pick it Up’ campaign not effective

APNU Leader, David Granger
APNU Leader, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com]As the solid waste issue spirals out of control in the country, a Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling for a comprehensive, national Solid Waste Management Plan.

Additionally, the Party is also of the view that the ‘Pick it Up’ campaign by the Natural Resources Ministry is not effective and government should instead consider establishing the proposed national plan.

Leader of the APNU, David Granger said that the waste management plan should have clear targets, techniques and timelines for waste reduction and set specific targets to reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste.

“The Plan must mandate the selective sorting of re-usable waste ‘at source’ in households and business places. Not much of Guyana’s household waste is currently sorted except by the motley crew of ‘pickers’ who comb rubbish heaps and landfills. Few incentives are offered for recycled materials even by industrial and commercial corporations which generate most of the country’s rubbish.”

Granger explained that the massive importation of used tyres and non-bio-degradable products which contribute to both the volume of rubbish and the problem of disposal should also be restricted.

He further noted that the plan must make use of the large quantity of vegetable waste generated every day by municipal markets, farms, restaurants, schools and the hospitality industry in towns and neighbourhoods.

“The use of bio-digesters can convert ‘useless’ agricultural and municipal waste into methane and ‘useful’ low grade organic fertilizers for farming.  Methane gas generated by garbage landfills can be saved to be used as fuel. Recycling plants for plastics and cardboard can also create employment,” Granger recommended.

According to the APNU leader, in order for the plan to be successful, it would require collaboration among the central government, municipal authorities, corporations and citizens.




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