OPM office says Nagamootoo was not ‘stripped’ of responsibilities

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has dismissed as “false” and “malicious”, a Guyana Times article in yesterday’s edition, which stated that Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has been stripped of all “line responsibilities” and now reports to Minister of State, Joe Harmon.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

OPM, in a statement, calls on all Guyanese to forthrightly condemn the article which it said is part of a “dastardly politically directed campaign” against Nagamootoo.
“ This is vile, reprehensible, unprofessional and against all journalistic ethics and codes,” said the statement from Director of Public Information Mr Imran Khan.
OPM said this latest attack by Guyana Times strategically follows the recent announcement that Prime Minister Nagamootoo’s portfolio has been expanded and includes:
• Leader of Government business in the National Assembly
• Public Information
• Constitutional Reform
• Governance
• Supervising/coordinating functions with ministries involved with domestic affairs
• Cabinet co-chair
Minister Raphael Trotman who previously held the Governance portfolio has formally handed over all matters relating to Governance to Prime Minister Nagamootoo. Transfer of Governance staff to OPM has also been completed.



  1. unity that exists in the Coalition,which world do you live in pal the two stooges will be gone before you know it APNU is a one ppl party ( blacks only) Did you not see the two white mouth tugs the dictator sent to create problems at a peaceful protest by the wales estate employees?This is how you ppl behave all over the world so you should not talked about unity period.Look what happened in Italy recently the ppl give them a place to live with food and they destroy the place because they do not have free wifi services.

  2. slie u cant teach me nothing that i dont know about pnc and pnc past …re-read my comment until u fully understand what it says .

  3. Your comment is a clear indication that you know nothing about the political history from 1964 to 1992. PNC never like coalition government. They are in this arrangement only for convenience. AFC will soon be goneTHE PNC IS STILL THE PNC. They are incapable of change.

  4. DM and you and PNC are the American puppet..they know how to ride and grind you into the dust..go check how many of you in jail then come have your say .massa must think for you always because you have absolute no thinking power

  5. DK,justinwil and Bobby are like the three BLIND MICE.PUPPETS of a regime that has lost its way,and will continue to lose its way until it is extinguished.THEY WILL NEVER LEARN.

  6. This LIE is expected,coming from one of the PPP`s mouth-pieces,trying hard to divide the unity that exists in the Coalition,but this will never happen,trust me.This is the better of the two parties,and good sense and light will always prevail over darkness.

  7. OPM office says Nagamootoo was not ‘stripped’ of responsibilities

    The only thing left for PNC to do to this poor x PPP sap is to plaster “reject” in big bold letter on his back then sit back relax and watch him make a mess and fool of himself over and over.

  8. Why are they trying to deny this fact? He was stripped of his powers it’s plain for all to see. He’s useless and just a body of waste who can’t understand what he should be doing and the CRAPNU boys have seen that and justifiably relieved him of his powers. They can’t keep hiding him. It’s like having your weakest fielder on the cricket team and don’t matter which part you put he the ball follow he and he continue to drop it and it pass him for four. Ah nah true Imra Khan mediaman?


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