OPINION: Guyanese must vehemently oppose statements encouraging racial hatred


The following is an opinion piece by Neil Kumar

I wish to first record my strongest condemnation of the horrendous murders of Joel and Isiah Henry, as well as Haresh Singh. These dreadful and unacceptable occurrences recently sparked huge disappointment and immense anger on the East Berbice corridor.

Please permit me to also join with the thousands of Guyanese in condemning the violent protest, robberies and destruction of property that has been unleashed on many innocent citizens, fueled by irresponsible reactions from some PNC leaders seeking to capitalise on a perhaps ill-conceived opportunistic situation.

The nation finally exhaled following a five-month ransom-driven hiatus, in the aftermath of the now-infamous Guyana March 2, 2020 elections. However, one month following the swearing-in of the elected PPP/C Government, our citizens’ deserved relief in contemplation of a progressive forward path, is again threatened by the callous insensitivities of the ejected APNU liars who had attempted to falsify the elections results.

Before and during this period leading up to President Ali’s swearing as Guyana’s ninth Executive President, the nation rejected PNC cabal who aggrandised themselves while imposing and inflicting grave and deep wounds on the Guyanese people. Now out of Government, leaders of this sadistic irresponsible power-hungry faction demonstrates no restraint in manipulating and sacrificing even the wellbeing of many in their own support base to derail national progress. They must be condignly stopped, and their knees removed from the necks of our people.

The PNC held this nation at ransom since they were humiliated and defeated with the No-Confidence Motion in 2018. The Granger Administration dragged this nation through the courts and after they were forced to hold National and Regional Elections, they shamelessly used all the delaying tactics to prevent the winning PPP/C from going into office for five long months.

Editor, popular news media have recently reported the response of new Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon, to statements made by His Excellency President Irfaan Ali regarding the extremely volatile behaviours of persons in this area. Mr Harmon has made loud noises about the confirmation of reported rapes while demonstrating another hypocritical agenda by remaining largely silent on the vulgar murders, flagrant robberies and brutal attacks of citizens in his promotion of a race hate environment. The Ethnic Relations Commission should take swift and condign actions against Mr Harmon in this respect.

It is indeed difficult for our people to continue living with the vengeance of some deceitful and power-hungry dictators who would stop at nothing in their determination to rope and knee our people’s necks. With the unflinching international support along with a united people, the PPP/C is back in office and enjoying the support of a united Guyana much to the anger of the Granger-Harmon bulldogs. Guyanese from all sides of the divide need to operate with an open mind and beware of their clandestine and surreptitious plots.

Against the foregoing, it is also appropriate and necessary to recognise the highly appreciative and receptive reactions by our citizens to the 2020 Budget of the PPP/C Government. This budget, albeit the financial crisis into which was created under the hands of the APNU/AFC coalition, has certainly put this Opposition group to so much shame that they have moved to invoke their common dirty tactics to destabilise the country and serve as a distraction.

The 2020 Budget is a people’s Budget. It has a human side and provides assurance of the most heartening considerations that will serve as a solid support platform for the resuscitation of the economic growth and development engines in the country. It demonstrates that the President Ali-led team has paid attention in the consultative driven approach and has acted swiftly to urgently address the campaign promises made to the People of Guyana.

The Private Sector is now heavily motivated for a safe and successful flight and through this 2020 Budget, an overwhelming viable commitment targeting the healing of our nation from the dreaded COVID-19 is assured. Further, our youths and students are extremely happy and could boast of the new initiative driven developmental support under the Ministry of Education, while our older generations are also delighted with their immediate increases and relief measures.

Notwithstanding, the budget’s allocation to the Guyana Election Commission is worrying. One is of the view that with the clear subterfuge approach adopted and the roles of the identified notorious actors in GECOM at the 2020 Elections, detailed clarification should have been provided and this agency made to defend any immediate allocations. How can the notorious characters at GECOM receive in excess of four billion dollars? To do what and to address which programmes? These are questions that must be answered forthwith or appropriately revised.

It cannot be denied that all the hatred and violence that are now taking place in our country, are related to the new callous tactics of the Granger cabal which tried desperately to stay in power. This nation is bleeding and needs to heal. It is the same ‘lunatic’ led cabal who while in Government, questioned the legality of Community Policing Groups referring to them as “illegal vigilante groups”, that is now saying “if the Government cannot protect us, then we must protect ourselves.” Worst is the other racist instigator, who is on record as saying that “too many Black youths are vanishing in the same way that cousins Isaiah and Joel Henry were killed and mutilated.” Today, we must vehemently oppose these damaging hate race statements

Editor, it is indeed disappointing that several PNC leaders are on the ground instigating violence. The vicious incitement approach is the root cause for racial hostility, racial profiling, and discrimination. Many innocent persons as a result have had cause or were forced to the hospital. People with important business appointments were severely beaten, raped and robbed in the unleashing of this overwhelming vendetta spurred on by irresponsible PNC leaders. Our people must be protected, as this Government must now do everything necessary to make our streets and road a safer place.

The Guyanese people have faced, will live through and overcome this vicious PNC storm.