One in custody for Corentyne triple murder

Dead: Pawan Chandradeo, also called “Surish” Dead: Narish Rooplall Dead: Jaikarran Chandradeo, also called “Kevin”

Police investigators have confirmed that at least one person has been arrested in connection with the gruesome discovery of three bodies at Black Bush, Corentyne, on Friday.

The bodies, including that of a father and his son, were on Friday morning discovered at Cookrite Savannah, Black Bush, Corentyne, Berbice, with gunshot wounds.

INews understands that the discovery was made shortly after daybreak by a rice farmer. The bodies were lying on a dam about three miles into the savannah.

Dead: Pawan Chandradeo, also called “Surish”  Dead: Narish Rooplall     Dead: Jaikarran Chandradeo, also called “Kevin”
Dead: Pawan Chandradeo,            Dead: Narish Rooplall                      Dead: Jaikarran Chandradeo

The bodies were identified as Pawan Chandradeo also called ‘Surish’, 37, of Mibicuri BBP; his son, Jaikarran Chandradeo also called ‘Kevin’, 15, and his brother-in-law Narish Rooplall also called ‘Mice’, 33, of Number 73 Village, Corentyne.

Reports are that the men had gone on a fishing expedition which was expected to start at 15:00h on Thursday. They were expected back at about 3:00h the following day, Friday. Also on the trip was another of Chandradeo’s sons, Alvin.

The 13-year-old told investigators that he was instructed to wait at King’s Camp with the guard there. The instructions were given to him at about 19:00h on Thursday.

He recalled that at about 20:00h he heard what appeared to be two gun shots, and later the rapid sounds of what appeared to be four more.

At daybreak, he left the camp in search of his father, brother and uncle. On his way he met a man who told him that he did not see his relatives and advised the teen to return to his home.

Meanwhile, after the discovery was made, Chandrawattie Rooplall also called ‘Pam’, a security guard attached to the  Mibicuri Hospital was informed that her husband had been injured in the backdam.

The men had gone to catch fish to cook. According to Pam her relatives went on a similar trip the day before.

INews understands that there were impressions of horse feet a short distance from where the bodies were discovered.

Chandradeo leaves to mourn a daughter, two sons and a wife of whom he got married to on July 5.

Police are investigating.



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