Onderneeming truck owner robbed at gunpoint


A truck owner of Onderneeming on the Essequibo Coast was on Friday robbed and shot just outside his house by a lone bandit, who managed to escape.

According to reports, Omadatt Singh had returned home at about 07:45h after transporting coconut and was standing outside his house when heard a loud explosion. He subsequently realised that it was a gunshot which injured his leg.

Shortly after, several gunshots were fired and the suspect then approached Singh at gunpoint, demanding a 120 pennyweight gold chain that he was wearing.

Singh explained that the man was dressed in a black shirt, grey short pants and a black leather hoodie. Fearing for his life, he handed over the piece of jewelry, that has an estimated worth of $1 million. The suspect then rushed out of the yard and fled the scene.

A report was filed and police arrived shortly after, collecting three spent shells and a matching 9mm gun. The victim has since received medical treatment and investigations are continuing.