Non – violent youths should be in school, not in Prison – President Granger

President David Granger meeting with youths last year.
President David Granger meeting with youths last year.
President David Granger meeting with youths last year.

[] – President David Granger has announced plans to at least once per year, review the custodial sentences of youths, especially women and young persons, in particular, for non-violent offences.

According to the Government Information Agency, the President said he feels badly about separating a woman from her children.

“I really feel that separating a woman from her children, for minor offences is not in the culture of APNU + AFC, and we should try as far as possible to keep families together”.

The Head of State opined that the time would be better spent in school rather than in jail, and “As far as possible, we should look at those cases. We know the law may have to be revised.”

He added that for misdemeanors, discretion can be applied and those culpable could be returned into the school system.

“I have asked the Minister of Public Security to investigate the emergence of some Non Governmental Organisations to do rehabilitation (of youths).”

He is also of the opinion that for persons under age 25, it would be fruitful for the government to cooperate with NGOs, “which can encourage young people who have committed minor offences to get back into the world of work.”

The President is firm in his belief that unless young offenders are violent or dangerous, they should be rehabilitated, and be contributing members of society.

As part of observances for Guyana’s 49th Independence Anniversary celebrations, President Granger pardoned 60 non-violent youth offenders.



  1. With all of 5040 “SENCE”, he or she should be one for the “class room” along with his or her cronies. It is that sort of mentality that cause Guyana to be so divisive. Unity means working together for the common good of GUYANESE (Indo and Afro). Not calling people names. Sounds like inclusion is an elusive word in your Vocabulary. Grow up and work for betterment of your fellow country men and women.

  2. This is a good step, in educating our youths so that they can contribute in a worthwhile way, most of them needs a sense of direction. but it does be done in a very careful and controlled manner, any repeats should be jailed for a long time.

  3. I think this and the previous president is wrong with this thinking. You are old enough to do crime, then you are old enough to do your time. What is it with small crime??? You will not get life in prison for small crime. In the near future, there will be hundreds of pick pocket, chain snatch,,, etc… Roaming the streets.

  4. You missed the boat 5040. 18-25 can also attend Trade Schools, learning carpentry, woodworking skills, plumbing etc. Each assessed and placed or attached to various companies for training including the Hospitality Industry, forestry, etc. So think it over. And as for regular schools including Community High Schools, younger persons on the wrong side of the law, can return to complete their education. Have a good day!
    PS: Your ‘sence’ is typo, should be ‘sense’

  5. I think Granger is a BIG BLUNT, if he had sence he would a do better, no person within the age of 18-25 is in school, y not build a school n put those culprit u big ape?

  6. This is a step in the right direction. All should come aboard to work together to solve the problems of youths and single parents who find themselves in peculiar situations. All Parties should embrace this challenge including NGOs, Sports, Community & Religious Organizations; not excluding Indigenous communities/organizations. We need a caring Government; not a persecuting one.
    Create the change by cooperation – working together – saving lives and creating livelihood.

  7. All children should be in school, Granger should know all children should be with both parent so please do something about all the Child Fathers in Guyana.


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