Non-existence of Integrity Commission is a misconceived position – HPS

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.

The absence of Commissioners at the Integrity Commission does not mean the structure of the body is not maintained, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon said today, as he explained that the commission’s functions are being upheld.

Speaking at the post-Cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President, Dr Luncheon said that all the work of the commission is reposed on the staff of the commission, with guidance given by the commission.

“The Integrity Commission Act makes provision for other agencies including the Auditor General, in the review of the submission made by those listed public officers in the schedule.”

He expressed bewilderment at the Opposition’s assessment that the absence of Commissioners or a Chairman equals the death of a Commission.

Dr. Luncheon said that prior to beginning of the Parliamentary recess it was recognised that there may be significant merit in addressing issues that warranted the two sides getting together. However efforts to see through that initiative were unsuccessful, he explained.

The HPS said that there are ongoing engagements between the President and the Leader of the Opposition in the context of their constitutional role, however “most of these events have had unsuccessful outcomes.”

He added that he could not see “the Leader of the Opposition adopting a position that is a legacy of former leader, Robert Corbin.”

Dr. Luncheon explained that Corbin had advanced a similar argument “resulting in the 9th Parliament ignoring the law in so far as subscribing to the provision of the Integrity Commission Act. This is a sad misconceived position.”

The National Assembly in June 2012 approved a motion, after a lengthy debate, which requires all elected officials, more so Members of Parliament (MPs) in particular, complying with the Integrity Commission Act which was made into law on September 24, 1997.



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