No triumphalism under a PPP/C Govt – Jagdeo


Under a new People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Administration, there will be no witch-hunting or political cleansing as has been the practice of the current APNU/AFC Government, says Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

“Most people believe that the PPP will win the elections and they are worried about triumphalism and witch-hunting and all of that. Let me assure all Guyanese, including those who are worried about these issues, there will be no acts of triumphalism,” Jagdeo said.

“For us, we see Guyana as very, very important, for all of our people, we have no interest in the victor-loser syndrome or people just engaging in acts of retribution of triumphalism”.

He added that the PPP/C is geared towards repairing the damages that were made to the country’s economy under the APNU/AFC coalition and focused on the further development of the nation. Jagdeo pointed out that his Party will in no way participate in “retribution” acts.

“I can assure them that not with the PPP. Not a single act of triumphalism about us winning and the other side losing etc…people don’t have to worry about losing jobs etc; the few who are doing the wickedness along with the Ministers etc, they have to worry a lot…but 99 per cent of the people who are working in the public sector and everywhere else, they can only look forward to a better life under us and so, we have no interest in retribution or anything of that sort.”

After taking office in 2015, the coalition Government embarked on a massive witch-hunting exercise. Several senior Government employees under the previous administration were fired and/or had their contracts not renewed.

In other instances, several persons were charged by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) but there were no convictions. In some instances, the charges were dismissed by the court.