No salary increase for public servants announced in Budget – Gov’t proposes to amend Income Tax threshold to $55,000 monthly from $50,000  

Finance Minister Winston Jordan


Government, in its presentation of the 2016 Budget this afternoon, said any salary increase for public servants  for this year “has to await the conclusion of discussions with the relevant unions”.

Finance Minister Winston Jordan said the Government “understands the disappointment this will create among public servants, but wishes to assure them of our commitment to their welfare and advancement.”

“We ask that they give the collective bargaining process an opportunity to work,” Jordan told the National Assembly during his budget presentation.

With regards to measures to improve workers’ income, the Finance Minister propose to amend the Income Tax Act to increase the income tax threshold to $660,000, from $600,000. With this measure, he said over 68,000 workers will be removed from the income tax roll, in addition to the fact that workers have an additional disposable income annually.












  1. Great job ! As the Guyanese proverb goes, you don’t know how good you are, until bad reaches you. At least under the PPP they were guaranteed 5%. On the other hand, until the public service can lift their work ethic and deliver critical services to ordinary Guyanese in a timely manner without the need to pay brides or grease the wheels, they should not be given anything. Majority of them would have supported/voted for this government, lets see if they take to the streets like they did under Jagdeo. Many will contend (like Freddie Kissoon) that PPP supporters do not protest when PPP fails them so lets see if PNC/APNU supporters protest now the their is not salary increases.


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