‘No room for arrogant foreign policy’: Jagdeo urges Granger to meet with Maduro in New York

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo believes dialogue is the only way forward for Guyana to resolve the border controversy with Venezuela.

As such, he is encouraging President David Granger to meet with and discuss the issue with President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, in New York as they both will be present at the UN General Assembly meeting.

The President has already stated that he is willing to meet with Maduro sometime this weekend.

At a press conference held at Freedom House on Friday, September 25, Jagdeo said, “We can aggressively pursue the integrity of our borders and our sovereignty and we should do so with all the strength in our bodies, but at the same time we have to maintain a channel open for dialogue and we have to maintain trade flows and functional cooperation between our neigbours.”

The former President is of the view that rice farmers are suffering since Guyana lost Venezuela as a rice market. In this regard, he urged President Granger to ensure that the meeting occurs with Maduro.

“I believe it is only through dialogue that you can resolve problems and so I hope that that meeting will take place in New York, that it will lower tensions between our two countries and at the borders; it will allow us to resume functional cooperation and it will allow us to get back the rice market to Venezuela.

“Dialogue is the only way forward; there is no room for belligerence, pugnacious or arrogant foreign policy; in fact our only strength as a small country is in diplomacy and dialogue,” Jagdeo told the media.

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

At the weekend, there was a buildup of Venezuelan military personnel and equipment close to Guyana’s border, sending the government in defense mode and increasing tensions between the two countries.

However, Jagdeo said he was not briefed on the issue by the APNU+AFC government and refused to comment any further on the recent actions taken by the Maduro administration.

“Government has not contacted us…and I don’t want to say anything that would put the government in a difficult position,” the Opposition Leader said in response to a question.

He urged that the current government should not allow Venezuela to argue that Guyana is a belligerent nation; pointing out that if this country sends images across the world of its troops holding guns, then it undermines our diplomacy.

Additionally, the Opposition Leader reiterated that he is willing to participate in a Border Protection Committee, which is slated to established by the administration.




  1. DK are you for real. What fantasy phase are you in. This is not a game my friend. I almost wanted to laugh out loud but can’t as this is a serious Guyanese issue.

    They only way forward is diplomacy.

  2. The arrogant and aggressive foreign policy approach is being adopted by Maduro. Jagdeo is such weak branch, he bends and bows at the sight of money. He is known for selling out Guyana.
    Granger should not meet with Maduro outside the presence of the UN. Do not trust Jagdeo or Maduro, for they are one working against Granger.
    Damn traitor!

  3. The oil was not found under PPP, reality check, you are confused, the actions of Veno will not be tolerated by the powerful nations, We have many foreign diplomats in Guyana so be wise

  4. I strongly support our Opposition leader ,it’s the only way forward, we should not worry too much about the building up of troops over the border,but its a great move by the chief of staff to be prepared,our military is great in jungle warfarin but with a mighty modern military like veno its not a right move to match might,,,

  5. The only diplomatic way forward is for Maduro to agree to the International Court judgement on the matter. No more UN ” good office ” aproach.That, if accepted by Maduro, can then lead to restoring trade relations dialogue and resumption of cordial diplomatic relations.The only other way is for Venezuela to attempt to recover the area in dispute (in the eyes of Venezuela only ), by force of arms.Which will never be permitted by the world powers, especially the USA, and Maduro knows it.

  6. Miss Jagdeo your time was based on corruption that is why Venezuela is trying to bully Guyana. So shut up and let men handle this you are acting like a sheep so you remain amongst the sheep you are the arrogant one.

  7. At lease mudrok didn’t try to get Essequibo so badly under bar at watch ..only 4 months and d cooliationn almost loosing esseq.. Missile .and other at border ..u ever hear da happen when pppp was in power .. Get real girl friend

  8. U believe u playing on a Nintendo 64 ..DK.. Donkey Kong .. Be realistic this problem is not a PNC or PPP its a Guyanese issue.. Let’s try diplomatic solution now .. If that fail then we can turn the Guyanese heat on

  9. The asininity and weakness displayed by this man makes one wonder ” who the hell this Country ( Guyana ) had for a President.With his warped and venal mind He is oblivious as to what is most needed in a time like this and which country it is that is pursuing an arrogant and aggressive posture. Any insightful person would recognize that it was his government (the P.P.P.) that engaged in the marginalization of Afro Guyanese the very group of citizens that make up the majority of the military and security forces with the charge of protecting the territorial integrity of the Country, that enabled Venezuela and Suriname to adopt the posture of claiming and attempting to seize portions of the Country. because they recognized the weakness or absence of Military morale to challenge or oppose them. The moral coward that he is makes him more concerned with the economics of trading Rice for oil rather than the dignity of protecting and securing the territorial integrity of Guyana,.or standing up for what is right. With all the illegal, immoral, and evil practices he and his Government was noted for it would be a travesty for the Current Government to have them in shared governance after knowing the corrupt, venal and asinine practices that darkened the Nation.

  10. ‘No room for arrogant foreign policy’: Jagdeo urges Granger to meet with Maduro in New York

    Granger you have to send in the GDF on them, it’s your time to show them wqho is boss like you said you will show PPP who is boss. Our GDF will mop up those pesky no good Venezuelans in a matter of seconds and in the process we Guyanese will take part of Venezuela so lets get it on Granger and show them who is boss Granger or is US fat man Hunt our real boss Granger?

  11. Had Jagdeo spent fifty years in the seat of gov,t he will still be considered a neophyte as it relates to foreign policy. He should stop grandstanding and prepare a strong defence for the all nasty activites his administration was involved in.

  12. What did jadgeo do from 1999 to 2014 to resolve this situation with Venezuela or better still what did the ppp do for 23 years to settle this. But now he wants to dictate policy go sit down BahaRat. Not a single word from him or his party condemning Venezuela not even when they have masses troops and sophisticated weapons on our border. Like maduro he and his party view this as a diversion. maduro from his country’s domestic and political issues jadgeo from the audits. That train has left the station you will be exposed BahaRat. No one needs you on any committee_ again what have you done to resolve this situation while in government


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