No reduction in VAT; no 20% salary increase for public servants – PPP told at budget consultations

General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee (right) and Executive Secretary, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]
Finance Minister Winston Jordan (center) and his team, meeting with PPP’s officials for Annual Budget consultations
Finance Minister Winston Jordan (center) and his team, meeting with PPP’s officials for Annual Budget consultations

[] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says its delegation was informed during the budget 2015 consultation with Finance Minister, Winston Jordan that there will not be any reduction in the Value Added Tax (VAT) as was promised by the new APNU+AFC government in its 100 days plan.

According to a statement issued by the PPP on Friday, July 24, General Secretary, Clement Rohee, together with former Ministers Robeson Benn, Pauline Sukahi, Juan Edghill and member of the Executive Committee, Dharamkumar Seeraj represented the Party at the meeting.

The statement further noted that Minister advised that his Ministry is preparing a three month budget which is likely to be laid in the National Assembly in mid August 2015.

“The budget, he explained will project a three percent economic growth and will concentrate on boosting aggregate demand. The delegation was advised that Cabinet had its first look at the budget last Tuesday,” according to the PPP statement.

The Party is also claiming that in response to a question in connection with government’s 100 days plan for implementation, the delegation was informed that it is unlikely that the plan will be fulfilled within the first hundred days and that the Minister advised that there will not be a 20% increase in salaries for public servants.

“The delegation was further advised that there will be no reduction of the Value Added Tax,” the PPP statement says.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Rohee informed Minister Jordan that the PPP decided to accept the invitation having regard to the “unfortunate state of affairs obtaining in the country since the APNU+AFC assumed office.”

In this regard, “the Minister’s attention was drawn to the everyday violation of the rules and regulations pertaining to public expenditure management. Rohee advised the Minister of the Party’s rejection of the pervasive ethnic cleansing and the political and social discrimination as well as the continuing arbitrary dismissal of persons once employed by the PPP/C administration.”

It was also noted by the PPP that the Minister’s attention was drawn to the government scaring away of foreign and local investors and the persistent haranguing of local private sector enterprises of being involved in money laundering, corruption and other and illegal activities.

“These positions adopted by government, the Minister was advised will not in any way help to restore confidence and optimism in the economy.”



  1. Are you people even on planet earth. Grow the hell up all of you, and stop the back and forth foolish discussions. Leave a comment that will help take Guyana forward or say nothing at all. That’s why change is taking so long to come, it’s about he, them everyone else outside of us. The government can say what the hell they want to say, but we the people can take that stand in unity and decide what will happen. Stop the hate move forward!!!!

  2. Well if y’all didn’t thief the country dry there would be enough to honour their pledges.. Anyway, wouldn’t believe a word out of that dutty parasite Rohee and his nasty ilk until government release the news officially

  3. yea so where was the jobs that the PPP promised ,where was the LGE for 20 odd years,the cabal promised the PPP is the folks that thought Guyanese was gullible,boy did we show them on 5/11…he he

  4. Apnu afc ppp partys all out for there own interest . Vat’import duty, education system , health system, outdated law, to much to list ..look at the state of things ..puppet masters care only for the pocket not the puppets

  5. oh Larry stfu..did u read what u wrote..u sound like a fool…your PPP stole all the money;.the promises will be kept but just not in 100 days…Rohee is a joke…this Government is not even 3 months in office

  6. The tip of the iceberg,all you jokers who voted for change this is the change you will be getting,20% increase,reduction of vat,and so much more promise and fools fall for it,the have no clue where to start from,all promise and no action,what a bunch of crooks and liars,cant hear from Nagga and Jaat man now,they are in their holes trying to figure out what has gone wrong.Time will tell,the PNC took 28 years to f*** it up,the PPP bring back guyana to respect and in 5 years the PNC/Afc will f*** it up all over again.

  7. Wow are really in your right mind with so much deflecting and nonsense coming out of your mouth, you are crazy and need lots of help. Keep telling yourself the new government is bad , that should get you through your deep denial. In the meant time clean up time to get rid of thieves, crooks and murders Gavin.

  8. The issue is that the gang in power has no intentions of keeping their promises to the gullible who voted for them. Cannot be trusted.

  9. The doom and gloom team… PPP/C. Statement of the invitees before that of the party holder. What is wrong with this picture?

  10. Not a surprise! Guyanese are strong people, they will sit and watch on.They will put up with this liars and vindictive set of people for five only. Fooled the idiots to vote for them. I hope the FM has his growth figure rite this time… Dr Ash what you say this time??

  11. Question..what is Rohee Qualifications.????Is better to send Luncheon to that meeting,even though people might not like him at least we know he got Qualifications.


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