No Parliamentary Showdown; President prorogues Parliament – OP Source



By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

[] – President Donald Ramotar has made his final decision, confirming the Opposition’s worst fears.

iNews has been reliably informed by an official within the Office of the President (OP) that the Head of State will move to prorogue Parliament before the end of today, Monday November 10.

There is a sitting set for 14:00 hrs this afternoon which many said will result in a showdown between the two sides, with the combined Parliamentary Opposition insisting that it intends to move ahead with its vote of no confidence against the Donald Ramotar administration.

iNews was reliably informed that a statement confirming the President’s decision will be issued shortly.

Opposition Leader David Granger yesterday issued a final caution to the President; warning that if he follows through with his threat to prorogue Parliament will be to “call Armageddon on his own head.”

The President, in an address to the nation last week, said that he will prorogue Parliament should the Opposition push ahead with its vote of no confidence in his Administration.

Meanwhile, according to Former Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran, the proroguing of the National Assembly means the termination of this session only and all pending business, which is not postponed to the next session but concluded in their unfinished state.

It was noted that the prorogation can only last for up to six months and elections are not constitutionally mandated. A new session resumes by proclamation.

Ramkarran explained that there are political constraints as to how long, within the six-month period, the Government may wish to prorogue.

A dissolution has the effect of terminating the life of the National Assembly. It has to be resumed in four months and cannot be resumed except after elections.





  1. Gray do you see how many PPP stalwarts have left the party you have got to stop labelling the citizens of Guyana be careful people are not dances like the PPP they are seeing what is going on can’t fool the entire population

  2. I fear that the President’s prorogation of Parliament may have fallen very short of Commonwealth Parliamentary Democracy protocols for this particular session. The elected President cannot effect a prorogation in absentia of a session. I would want to challenge Mr. Nagamootoo to flag the legislature’s attention of the required protocols and whether or not they were satisfied by the President.

  3. S Gilbert you are true to to the bone, the band of TICKS sucking all they can enough is enough ppl like Cockroach just drinking rim and fooling the others while hiding behind a mouse typing lies on every topic lets go and vote tomorrow and we will see who will be the winner, its tome for the PEOPLE you PPPHave enough

  4. The truth is when the protest hit the streets who suffer, the rich bosses pick up the guns and the sean hinds brothers and they drive home to prado vill and the rest of the rich areas, its the poor store girls and office girls and boys are left to face the angry mob, and the police come when its all over, The PPP should do what is right for all Guyana, lets go to the pools, or are we shaking in the boots, ppl fed up with the shit, Guyana just like the drains all over the country stagnated nothing going on other than drugs, crime,friends of the party helping them pockets and building mo house not homes , the protest should go to the right places and to the ppl who are the reason for it

  5. Good afternoon mr,Gray, you are specking like a ppp member, because if you had your country men at heart you wouldn,t speek like that, it,s one people one nation one destiny, but in the eyes of the ppp , it,s like the are now God,s , iI think you should tzke a step back and see the president and it ,s members for what they truly are, a change has to come, is either willily or by force, but this president has to go ndlis minister also, becauseif it don,t dogs will be better then guyana, if you don,t mjnd me saying,it,s not every ppp is bad , but the president is no example for the country and if nadall the (ag)can bost and say that the president will back him up which he did that gose to show , birds of feather flock together, now with all you know and see what guyana is going through , can you really say that guyana don,t need a change, if so then i pray that God gives you a clean heart and a right sprit so that you can see thing for what they really are.

  6. Gray. You need to stop trying to put silly notions into the minds of the citizens of Guyana. Stop the fear mongering and labling the opposition supporters as thugs. The people of Guyana are no longer stupid. They are unto people like you. Nothing will happen the way you say….the only thing that will happen is Alibaba and the 40 plus theives will continue their plunder of guyana.

  7. PNC will make good on their threats to take to the streets because thats all they know..Their ruler Graingur will mislead and misinform them to they can get real angry and attack innocent citizens.
    Graingur wont tell them parliament will shut down through no confidence or prorogue..This is how gullible PNC thugs are..Grainger and other PNC top brass knows their people so they will work them up to a frenzy until they take to the streets and do something stupid to provoke security..Grainger and other top PNC brass dont mind if a few are killed like it was done in Linden..Grainger and other top PNC members knows this is the only plan they have for Guyanese and Guyana.

  8. Let the Sandhurst Military Graduants and Strategist with local foot soldiers in the AFC plan a new “formation” on this….

  9. My question is since we are suppose to make the best for our country why is the government running from the motion (no confidence). Stop delaying Guyana’s progress and prove yourself.
    Instead i’m seeing cowardly actions by our leaders.


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