No order preventing CEO from presenting report – Gunraj

Commissioner Sase Gunraj

There is no court order preventing the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield from presenting his final elections report as ordered by the Chair of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Justice Claudette Singh.

In what would have been his final chance to do the right thing, the CEO was given until 14:00hrs today to submit the report using the certified recount figures.

However, just before that deadline approached, an APNU/AFC supporter filed an application in the High Court seeking to block the elections declaration.

While that matter comes up for hearing tomorrow at 10:00hrs, GECOM Commissioner Sase Gunraj explained that there is no order preventing the Elections Commission from doing its work.

“Courts have procedures…If they want something stopped, they grant injunctions. In this case, there is no injunction granted,” Gunraj explained to media operatives.

“If every single time I want something stopped, I would just file something. And this clearly, in my humble opinion, is an abuse of the court system,” he reasoned.

Keith Lowenfield, Chief Elections Officer

When the seven-member Commission met today, the CEO was asked if he had prepared the report as was required. However, according to the Commissioners, Lowenfield refused to say whether the report was ready.

In fact, upon asking this question, the three government-aligned commissioners walked out of the meeting. Thereafter, the CEO also exited.

The meeting had to be postponed since there was no quorum.

GECOM is expected to meet again tomorrow following the hearing of the court case.