No GuyExpo this year; Gov’t to host Small Business Expo instead


Guyexpo[] – The Ministry of Business has decided that there will be no GuyExpo this year but instead, there will be a “special version” of the event to mark Guyana’s 50th Anniversary as an independent country.

A statement from the Ministry on August 06 admitted that the annual Guyana Exposition (GuyExpo) is a popular event and an avenue for local businesses to showcase and sell their goods and services to thousands of potential consumers.

As such, after consultation with the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GM&SA), it was agreed that the Ministry will “consider” a Small Business Expo to be held in late November, as well as efforts to encourage and support the holding of Regional Business Expos.

“It is anticipated that such an approach will provide income earning opportunities for businesses, as well as allow for the testing of new products and services in preparation for the bigger event in May 2016,” the statement noted.

According to the Ministry, it will be consulting with relevant stakeholders, such as, Regional Chambers of Commerce, Regional Democratic Councils, Government Ministries, agencies and other private sector bodies in the coming weeks to share ideas on this matter.



  1. Hope that they understand the consequences and who are been affected by these silly moves. Its doesnt make no sense what they are doing. Do something to stimulate some spendings,

  2. So the PPP did nothing good in Government that is worth emulating??
    I have to call the coalition out on this one. Makes no sense,this was an opportunity to get the economy in drive.

  3. Guyexpo was never a ‘PPP iniative’ my dunce observer, u need to do your research. I too disagree, being an exhibitor myself, but that’s no reason not to give these guys a fair chance.

  4. Mr. Business Minister, would you kindly tell us what are the negatives of having GUYEXPO ? Will the small businesses lose any money? Is it that the Government will lose a lot of money? Is it a burden on the treasury? Will there be more crime? Or is it that you want to show that you can stop it if you want to [ an exercise of power if you wish] ? Are you not accountable to the people of this country? Don’t you realize you are taking bread from the mouths of a lot of Guyanese? Or is it that you don’t care a hang?

  5. No guy expo this year because that’s a PPP initiative and has PPP written all over it, pnc don’t want to do or continue anything PPP even though they know it will be successful. How stupid can these ppl b, a pack of dunce


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