No disrespect intended – Trotman responds to unions concerns over bonus consultations

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman during the post cabinet media briefing. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.
Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

[] – “It meant no disrespect to the Unions,” said Governance Minister, Raphael Trotman as he explained why the government did not consult with the Unions over the year-end bonus for public servants.

Government recently announced a $50,000 bonus for public servants earning under $500,000 and while the bonus was welcomed, the Guyana Public Service Union and the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) have flayed the government for not consulting with the unions first.

GTUC in a statement to the media noted that “the payment of this bonus, in the absence of an engagement and concurrence with the trade unions that represent public sector workers is another act of violating Article 147 of the Guyana Constitution and Trade Union Recognition Law Section 23 (1) and transgressing the rights of workers.”

Questioned by iNews on Wednesday December 16 at a post cabinet media briefing, Trotman said that the government did not flout the law.

In fact, he argued that had government pursued the route of consulting the unions, this process might have stretched into 2016 – much to the agony of public servants who were eagerly awaiting the announcement of a bonus.

“We have Christmas coming and there is every likelihood that next week will be a shortened week. Any protracted deliberations on whether or not public servants should be given their $50,000; I rather suspect that it would have been given out in 2016. I think government took a decision that it thought was in the best interest of the workers by going out to pay them and it meant no disrespect to the unions,” said Trotman.



  1. Trotman you and your friends at OP played right into the PPP’s notorious behaviour pattern, you people are a bunch of jokers helping along the remaining PPP tormentors within the various agencies to divide and destroy the persons that voted like a boss and put you people in government. 2020 elections will be ruthless for the APNU/AFC government.

  2. Trotman Christmas corral is ” time to give the dog a bone ” This is him and his party hopes of the MASSES to forget their mistakes. Sorry, it is not going to happen. DICTATORSHIP, DICTATORSHIP, DICTATORSHIP ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK FOR APNU /AFC.

  3. These guys cant speak to save the govt…Harmoney and Trotty is incompetent!! Everytime they open their mouth,,,the govt wickedness is exposed.

  4. We all know that Lincoln Lewis and his so called “Union” is always in bed with the PNC and the defacto governing coalition. Some people “talk fuh talk sake”. It is all a pappy show. Mr Lewis, Guyanese know who you are. You are a “two edged sword”, and the unsharpened (dull) side is for the defacto government. The government Lewis supports seized power through alleged malpractices at GECOM and with help from others. The government is just doing what it wants to do and they are supported by impostors like Lincoln Lewis and the press to perpetrate a military dictatorship on the people of Guyana. Our country is again going down the gutter because of people like Lewis and the “sick” Trotman.

  5. Rules were not meant to be broken. In this instance the two mentioned unions should have been consulted. Using Christmas as an excuse just does not cut it.

  6. I agree with all the bloggers, they said this a one time deal but the unions are correct that since no talks with the unions this is understood to be a yearly BONUSES FOR THE WORKERS ALSO THE RICE & SUGAR WORKER SHOULD BE ENTITLED FOR CHRISTMAS BONUSES. AND ALL WORKERS IN THE COUNTRY. ALSO THE PENSIONERS. WHO LOSE OUT ON THE WATER AND LIGHT ENTITLEMENT. LONG LIVE THE PPP

  7. This ringing out and it smells of incompetence, even though i voted for them.
    I thought the wisdom of granger would shine through but…..

  8. Increase Salaries And Bonuses In Guyana?

    Minister Raphael Trotman, using ‘lack of time’ as an excuse for declaring to the Guyanese commonweal, the government’s intention to increase Public Servants salaries and pay Bonuses, is no excuse for ignoring the established Trade Union Employee/Employer notification rules.

    Using the Christmas holiday as an excuse for the expeditious intention, to disburse these pay outs, only confirm the government’s un-principled behavior in matters of this nature.

  9. Well said, however in the future the trade unions should be notified. I am glad to see that Harmon was not the one to comment on this issue.

  10. how and when they will give this 50,000 dollars after Christmas the treasury is close ..hold their breath public servants the point is that this money is be be for their Christmas it will not be so and they will hold their breath if they get it this years budget close

  11. Transparent and neutral what a joke .These people have the dumbness excuse for everything –that’s what DICTATORS do.


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