No decision yet on future of ‘controversial’ CPG official at Leguan


Although investigations have begun into various allegations made against the

‘liaison’ officer in charge of the Community Policing Group (CPG) in Leguan, Region Three, about his alleged misuse of his office, the relevant authorities are yet to make a decision about his continued service with the Leguan CPG.

police groupINews understands that many statements have been taken from witnesses, the alleged victims and the accused, but the process is still ongoing and until it is completed, no formal decision can be made in the matter.

One senior police rank told this online news that the liaison officer has become a ‘nuisance’ and that residents are afraid to speak out against his  “power drunk”  state for fear of victimization.

Quite recently a constable stationed at the Leguan Police Station, was allegedly badly beaten by this liaison officer at his workplace and then at the hospital where he visited to seek medical attention in a 12-hour time span.

Also, approximately one month ago, a Police Sergeant who was stationed at the Leguan Police Station had allegedly been requested by this liaison officer to arrest person(s) in a particular manner.

However, the Sergeant refused to do so stating that he cannot and will not arrest any individual unless there is just cause or sufficient evidence to do so regardless of who is making the request.

According to a resident in the area, it was then that the liaison officer began expressing his anger about the manner in which the Sergeant was operating and he subsequently began making threats of having the officer removed from the Leguan Police Station.

Other residents in Leguan have complained to INews that the liaison officer is ‘problematic’ and feels that he is above the law because he has the support of a top Government official.




  1. This so called “Doctor”, was rewarded for waving his little yellow AFC flag during elections like a little trained monkey. He was thus appointed by Public Security Minister as Liaison for Leguan CPG. His incompetence, lack of integrity and corruption has destroyed the best Community Policing Group that Leguan Island ever had. (All dedicated CPG Officers immediately resigned upon his appointment) The liaison officer is an embarrassment to The Community Policing Organization, The Public Security Minister (who by the way, is an disgrace to himself and his position) as well as unfortunately dragging President Granger’s credibility down with them. It is a shame that these two characters have to reflect on him and this country. Shame, Shame, Shame

  2. No decision yet on future of ‘controversial’ CPG official at Leguan.
    It will come out pretty soon that the big bad man god father is a prominent member of AFC, The people are living in terror and cant talk. It is bound to come to the fore.

  3. In any other Country this MAN would have been arrested a long time ago and change with multiple violations of the law….Obama is on news praising Granger to move away from corruption YET this is another state of corruption being reported. Looking at the stats, since the PNC regime took office, these guys have not done a single thing to take Guyana away from corruption…in fact, cases like this move them further into the holes…..because he is friends with top officials he is above the law? Non-sense…throw him in Jail and throw away the keys…we do not need people like this in our police force….teach them to be humble and do something smart for their community…..


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